In İstinyePark İzmir before the earthquake... #TheLongestTrip

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One day we unexpectedly discovered luxury shopping center İstinyePark İzmir
Turkey. And it was like this: we decided to go eat and buy groceries, but in order not to look for different stores and to look for a parking place for the car every time, we decided to go for a walk in a giant shopping center and for the first time in our life drove into an underground parking lot. It was a funny case when we, not knowing how to look for a parking space, not knowing the language, drove through the underground parking lot by transit and went out on the other side to the street ))) During this short time, a red light suddenly turned on our car: "Stop! Brake system broken!" In stress, I stopped the car on the side of the road, called our landlords, who reassured me: they said everything was fine. After the technical inspection of the car, they forgot to turn off the sensors :) What negligence! So you can get a lot of stress and get sick.



Imagine: you are a woman driving a rented car in an unfamiliar city, in a foreign country, not knowing the language and the car tells you: the brakes are faulty!!! So, shopping is the best way to get rid of stress. And we spent a few hours in this fascinating shopping center, relaxing among happy people who immersed themselves in the world of wealth and luxury for a few hours, forgetting about problems...
The first thing that struck us was the large number of luxury cars in the courtyard of the shopping center. Wow, all the elite of Izmir really come here. Personally, I don't really like to be among a large number of people and quickly get tired of it, but my daughters are in awe of all this greatness and beauty of the creation of human hands! They often tell me: Mom, you are not a woman, you are a man. Yes indeed, I have a masculine character. I go to the store specifically with the goal of buying something and I don't get the satisfaction of being senselessly among a huge number of products that I have no intention of buying yet :). Usually, my daughters go to various boutiques, creating images, and I sit down in a cozy cafe, order myself tea and an eclair, and write a post! This is what makes me happy :)



But on this day we walked together, because this shopping center was a wonderful world where it was very interesting to walk! First, we did a photo shoot overlooking the first floor, where there was a beautiful picture of balloons! Later, we went to the sleep department. Beds, sofas, pillows... Such exciting design things... We remembered the time when we were walking around Lviv, looking for design elements for our cottage. Unfortunately, the war stopped this process of filling our house with good contents for a comfortable life. So we felt a pleasant nostalgia...




Descending on the escalator to the first floor, we found here a luxury restaurant area near the food supermarket. A wagon filled with pumpkins stood in front of the entrance. There is much in common between Ukraine and Turkey Agriculture is flourishing here. I always gratefully buy fresh vegetables and fruits that are here all year round.




There was a rest area all around - as if it were summer in the middle of winter. Huge artificial trees looked like real ones. And people sat here enjoying this artificially created summer while the wind was gale force outside! These people could not even guess that an earthquake would occur that night, which would take many thousands of lives...


So let's appreciate every moment of our life. Take care of your loved ones. Thank you for your visit. And I also thank you @dswigle for great #MarketFriday initiative


Our #TheLongestTrip continues and I thank everyone who reads about our adventures ❤️


This is something I did not expect to see from Turkey, it is so western in style. Big malls like this I do not like either, but can understand your daughters liking the place.

Izmir is a big modern city. There are many small historical towns in Turkey where I get a lot of pleasure. But sometimes I do my daughters a favor by visiting large shopping centers.

you are a good mum!! give me old towns any day.

You came to Turkey not long ago, I know, when something like this, one gets scared. Anyway, you were very worried because of the war in Ukraine and left your country to come here and the earthquake that happened here some time ago has scared the human heart. Thankfully, you applied the brakes immediately and the vehicle stopped. After so much tension, the only solution to change the mind is to go somewhere for a walk or go shopping. When I come to Turkey, I will definitely visit this place because it is very beautiful. Just relaxe dear and enjoy your with your doughter's.

Thank God everything was fine with the brakes. We relaxed and calmed down there. Thank you for reading about our adventures :)

Most welcome dear. I really enjoy your trip.

That earthquake really saddening. We don't really when will be our last so let's just appreciate every single moment of our life

Yes, we should cherish every moment! Happiness is being able to live today and be grateful...

It reminds me of Dubai Mall I visited last year, The pace is so beautiful with diversification. I can't believe that tree was artificial, it was looking like real, A nice place to sit with your friends and have some quality time.

I agree with you. It was nice to sit under this tree, like being outside in the summer :)
Thank you for your visit !

Your always welcome, its always refreshing to watch your post.

I didn't know there is a mall called Istinye Park which is the same with that of Istanbul. Istinye is also a neighbourhood in Istanbul.

If you still rent a car for your transport inside a city, I suggest you using Getir Drive. It is reasonable for hourly rents and cheaper than taxi.

Many people with their stories have gone and time stands still 6 Feb for them...

Yes, Natural phenomena sometimes show us their terrible power... Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into this Getir Drive service.

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