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RE: MARKET FRIDAY: THE EPOCH OF CHEAP STORES (price excursion to a Russian food supermarket)

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Hi @taliakerch! what a great report about your visit to the supermarket, the products and their prices.
I have a long time without visiting a hyper market, long before the pandemic, whose product layout was very similar to the one you show in your pictures. I don't know if they still sell the products, wholesale, and at lower prices as they did some years ago.

I was very struck by the "wine powder" that is not made from grapes, so what are they made of?

Regarding prices, I could only tell you about a very famous Cola drink, a 2 liter bottle at $ 1.9. I am quite out of date with the prices, maybe someday, I will make a similar tour and I will be able to tell you about some similar products that are available in this country.

Nice to greet you and I hope I didn't say too much 😅


ooh Cola is rather expensive, it's chaper here, or maybe it's not Cola, just like that wine that is not wine:))

wine powder means wine is made not of grapes itself but from the waste that is left during wine making, and then it's dried and melted, so it's like powder. I can't say the exact technology becuse I was never too much interested in it, but in fact, it means wine of very very low quality.
1 liter of good wine can't cost 2$ I think;)

I am quite out of date with the prices - why? if it's not a secret. Don't you go shopping now? where do you get food then?

I was telling you that I haven't gone back to shop at the hypermarket that has a very similar layout to the market you show us in your post, because it is located far from my house and you have to travel by car and, because of the problems we are suffering due to the gasoline supply, I prefer to shop in places very close to my house.

In the city where I live there are places, called bodegones, where they sell imported products (in dollars or bolivars). Of course, very expensive. I tend to buy basically necessary products that are accessible to the family budget in markets where prices are cheaper or economical but always close to home. And Cola, is not a product that we consume regularly, so I was not very updated with its price.

Oops! I find this drink made from grape waste very interesting, I had not read anything about it. Very interesting indeed. And yes, a bottle of good wine must be more expensive, I don't know its price nowadays because I haven't bought it for many years.I used to be able to buy it in that hypermarket I have been telling you about that had wholesale prices but I could still buy retail products.

Sorry if my English is not very correct, I am using a translator to be able to write to you. Greetings dear @taliakerch, I hope you are having a good day!

your English is great, as far as I can evaluate it, beacuse mine isn't perfet either:]]]
what's wrong with gasoline supply in your place?

😂 good thing we can understand each other!
Regarding gasoline, it's a bit of a long story ... The country stopped producing oil and therefore gasoline. Subsequently, it began to be brought from other countries, including Russia. At that time we began to pay for it at international prices.
We went through waves in which the waves to supply gasoline have been very long and you can last up to 24 hours. Nowadays the supply has improved, thank God! but you can still only get gas once a week, so we try to reduce consumption by moving to nearby areas.

wow...I haven't heard about it. A big problem for the country. Of coirse, closer shops are the only way out in this case.