The Dangerous Effect of Sugar Intake.

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Naturally, humans are drawn to sweet things, whenever we want to eat anything, we definitely want an item that is appealing to our taste bud. While the mouth wants those sugary contents, the question is, how healthy is it for our body? A lot more people are now so concerned about their health more than before, so we have people limiting their level of sugar intake these days for the sake of their health which I believe is a wise decision, on the other hand, we also have people who will not give up on their massive love for sugar, not for anything and it is for friends like that, I make this post today, thank you for visiting my blog and please join me as we go through the path of knowledge gain together.


Sugar occurs naturally in every food, as long as the food ha carbohydrates, like fruits, grains, vegetables and diary, it is very okay to consume whole food with natural sugar, plant food also contain a high amount of essential minerals, fiber and antioxidants, diary foods a well contain calcium and protein. The body slowly digests these consumed food, making the sugar in them become a steady supply of energy to the cells. Taking in fruits, vegetables, whole grains in a high level, has proven to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

While these mentioned sugar consumption options are safe, there is an issue however, when we begin to consume so much added sugar, these sugar options are added by food manufacturers to products in order to increase flavour and extend shelf life, this is why consuming process food on a large scale is not so safe. What excessive sugar intake does for you is that;

Type 2 Diabetes: Typ 2 diabetes has contributed significantly to the cause of mortality and reduced normal life expectancy, consuming sugar significantly would increase the chances of diabetes by adding to weight gain and increase in body fat. Obesity, which is often usually caused by excessive sugar consumption is often the highest risk factor for getting diabetes.


Weight gain: The level of obesity is increasing worldwide, and the evidence gathered based on the research carried out by experts suggests that, sugar-sweetrend beverages contributes significantly to obesity. Drinks that are sugar-sweetened are loaded with fructose, some of the soda juices and sweet teas fall within this category. Fructose consumption increases the urge and drive you have for food more than glucose. Also, when a high content of sweetened beverages is consumed, it is also linked to viscral fat, which is a type of deep belly fat associated with a condition like diabetes and other heart diseases.

Acne: When consuming diets with a significantly high level of refined carbs, sugary food and drinks, there is a stronger chance of acne development there, sugary food can cause significant increase in blood sugar and insulin level, resulting in a significant increase of androgen secretion, inflammation and oil production, all of these things play a major role in acne development.

Sexual performance: As a man, sugar would affect your erection event, it affects the circulatory system responsible for blood flow all through the body, the human body has to function effectively in order to maintain an erction.

Heart disease: Heart disease is the number one cause of global health disease, high sugar diet have been consistently linked with a great increase of heart disease. High sugar diet can result in inflammation, obesity, high triglycerides, level of blood pressure, all of these are risk factors of a heart disease. Excessive sugar intake especially through sweetened drink can be linked to atherosclerosis, which is a disease characterized by fatty, artery-clogging deposits.

Chances of Cancer: There are certain sugar tyhpes that would increase your chances of developing cancer. A diet that is rich in sugary beverages and food, can significantly lead to obesity which would significantly increases your chance of cancer increase.

Risk of depression: Diets can help determine your mood, a healthy diet would help improve your mood while diets high in sugar and processed food would significantly contribute to the change in mood and emotions, the chances of depression development may also be increased. Consuming sugar in a
high level has been linked to anxiety, memory issues, cognitive impairments, emotional disorders and even depression.

Fast skin aging: As we age, we begin to have wrinkles, but the poor choices of food we make would speed up the process of skin aging. When we have the habit of consuming diets that are high in refined carbs and sugar, it leads to production of AGEs which may cause the skin to age prematurely.

Tooth decay: Sugar survives by feeding on the bacteria existing in the mouth, the relationship of the bacteria and sugar creates acid as a waste product, this acid could erode tooth enamel, creating tooth holes or cavities.

I am sure that after reading about all these terrible side effects of consuming exceive sugar, we would like to know the quantity of sugar that is actually enough for the day. It is generally advisable that people learn to reduce their added sugars to less than 10% of daily calorie intake, but WHO, says people should actually consume half of these amount on a daily basis, with 5% coming from added sugars.

The body begins to give you some form of signal when you consume excessive sugar, it is a way the body tries to warn you of the impending danger you are putting your body through, after a reasonable consumption of sugar, you may begin to feel; low mood, low energy levels and bloating. While you may not consume soda or sweetened drinks, we must be careful of added sugars and sweeteners that may come in different form, producers may add these ingredients in minute amounts but we must be careful not to consume too much of the contents, as we may be taking in excessive sugar without our consent. Look out for these ingredients on food labels; maltose, glucose, brown sugar, honey, corn syrup, corn sweeteners, malt syrup, invert sugar, turbinado sugar, trehalose.

You need to visit a doctor when you begin to notice symptoms of a high blood sugar, with symptoms like;

  • Fatigue.
  • Increased urination and thirst.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Numbness or tingling of the feet and hands.
  • Sores that refuses to heal.
  • Drastic weight loss.


Consuming sugar on a great level is not healthy at all, we can pick up large loads of sugar from junks and drinks, cut back on the amount of sugar in your diet and safe yourself from the dangerous effect of high sugar in the body.



Great writeup bro my advice would be to tone down the title effect just a little bit, sugar is an important part of our everyday life and a must-have for energy to be released for work to be done, it only gets bad just like everything else when it is consumed in excess. You did a great job, keep up the good work

In as much as sugar might feel so good to take in, the truth of the matter is sugar is also dangerous to our health in such a way