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This is the best AI-generated video I've seen thus far, I mean the first one you included in the post. I believe these developments will accelerate in speed. Soon-ish will have quantum computing and quantum networking, tremendous accelerating not only such developments but also giving them practical tools to apply such at a large scale. As you rightly write, we shall be careful, I don't think we can't stop any developments. Not even with laws and such. And yes, I do agree with you AI may be our saviour. Think of it: When AI can do all tasks carried out by humans, not only building/manufacturing but also designing and possibly even innovating, no humans have to work anymore. None of us. A huge problem, though we need to find solutions for this, ie make sure all of us can get to our basic necessities (all executed by AI), we need to make sure all raw materials are distributed in a fair manner across all humans. Some 'simple'. problems to solve :) I believe in less than a few decades; give or take 20 to 30 years... I would like to stretch this to 20 to 50 years, but I do think I'll underestimate the speed acceleration in developments like this and give peeps the idea that is still far out into the future, which in the end is not, it's very very nearby. Anyways, we have to deal with these big issues, otherwise, we may find ourselves in a world that no one is able to handle anymore.