Two Major Types Of Electrical Wiring

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Hey stemsocial!

Definitely, a lot have to be said while developing this topic into a more complete one. But, I am just focusing on the area that we practice mostly within our geographical domain in Nigeria. Although Nigeria is not that timid in terms of development but, in a way we are still underdeveloped due to some bad leadership and uneven development. I wouldn't go further into it as that's not my main focus here today. So, I'm just focusing on the two types of wiring by which we put electrical wires in our various homes here in Southeastern part of the country called Nigeria.

Introducing you to the topic, let's look at some basic terms for example, electrical wiring and wiring for a start.

Electrical wiring: in general, it is making use of all necessary electrical gadgets like: switch, light, socket, junction box and change over or distribution boards to install cables in an apartment, a house or an Estate.

Wiring is same as installation of cables but there's no use of fittings. Example of fittings are bulbs,sockets, switches etc.

Like I said in Nigeria here, we mostly practiced these two basic types of wiring to my best of knowledge. Thoug, I am not in the field fully but, I have little knowledge about this thing called wiring and have learnt some basics already. Thus, ***CONDUIT and SURFACE WIRING**** are explained below.

One would ask the following questions:
-What is surface wiring?

  • Is wiring on the surface the best?
  • Why surface wiring? Etc. The following is going to be answer correctly in the lines below.

As the name implies "surface" It's the type of wiring that's carried out in a surface or over a layer of something like walls,boards, plywoods and shelves. In this type of wiring,the cables used are visible to the human eyes as you can see it and even touch it. Surface wiring isn't the best but it's advantages isn't to be forgotten. It's cheaper and easy to trace errors. We also use surface wiring in some laboratory experiments for easy and transparent backgrounds.

The image above is a typical example of a surface wiring.



The following questions may arise from readers who has little or no knowledge about electricity like, if actually surface wiring can have an opposition party or what would conduit wiring stipulate? What is and why conduit wiring?

download (6).jpeg
In conduit wiring, cables that passes electric currents are not visible to the human eyes after installation rather, it passes through a pipe(either a plastic,rubber or metallic one based on the type of current applied)
(This is an example of pipes installed in a decking before casting cement)

installed inside a decking or wall of any structure or building. It's only attached the visible sockets,switches, bulbs and some other electrical fittings. Here, you can only see actions(lights On and television On)but not the performer(cables carrying the current that powers those gadgets) of the actions. Conduit wiring is regarded as the best form of wiring and that is why it's more expensive.

download (7).jpeg

Also one may ask these questions, "How can wire pass through the pipes smoothly"? And "how can it be maintained if it breakdown or maybe an error occurred"?

Alright, in terms of passing the wire, there is a tool called Fishertape. Its a Long,smooth and tin iron which can easily pass through the pipe. The cable is tied to it. Once the Fisher is fished through the pipe then, you can tie your wire and easily draw it until it comes out from where you want it to appear. An image of a fishertape is shown below


If there is a problem,it can easily be traced by checking on the particular socket, switch or light it's from or check if it's from the distribution board. Sometimes it also occurs from the wire type used.

In summary, I hope to have satisfied you with the following information I dropped above. It's not just about putting lights in your houses, apartment or estates and paying the electrician money and that's all. It's also about knowing some basics as they say "No knowledge is a waste". Let's keep touching lives because, One day,our own might be the one to be touched.


Feel free to drop your questions on the comment box we are here to learn friends ❤️🥰❤️🥰🙌🙌

Note: unsourced images were snapped using my canon 15 air android phone.

Also visit this following citations for more information 👇👇👇👇👇👇






Dear @ezeemmanuel, Your article is interesting! By the way, I wonder Nigerian people and their history, ethic, religions and natural, geograph!
I am particularly curious about your living environment and your family and friends.

That's very nice. Many would want to know more about Nigeria( it's not as if it's pride) but, we are just naturally blessed by God with everything except good leadership.

@goldgrifin007 I will tell you more if that possible. Imagine a country with over four hundred and something different spoken languages and over 254 ethnic groups

I will tell you more if that possible. Imagine a country with over four hundred and something different spoken languages and over 254 ethnic groups

My young friend @ezeemmanuel, I can't believe that such a world exists. The United States and China, which are larger than Nigeria, also speak one language and one script.😨
Even though Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, is that the reason that unification has not been completed as a single country and ethnic group?
If Nigeria were to be united, it would become the largest and most powerful country in Africa.

However, the war between the Muslims in the north and the Christians in the south, I guess, is the biggest factor preventing Nigeria's unification.😔

From my point of view, it is assumed that Nigeria still remains a tribal society.
There seems to be no unified history of Nigerians yet.😅

Thank you for your reply!

The truth is bitter my brother @goldgrifin . I would love them to be one but some of the tribes I don't know.

I would love them to be one but some of the tribes I don't know.

Dear my young friend @ezeemmanuel !
Hmm, I understood that you and them meant that conversation was impossible because they were of different languages and races.
Until now, I had misunderstood that all black Africans were of the same languages and races.😦

Thank you for your advice! 😄


This life is crazy man


Most East Asians have the same thoughts as me. They misunderstand that black people in Africa are all one race with the same language.😅

Wow this is so creative despite you are not in the field

Boss @ozoemena

Thank you for your reply but wait until I fire you with my gun..

U are welcome

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Wooow....thanks for sharing this great knowledge.

"A na-ako, Mana aga na-emenu"....

Thank you onye oma

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So, what about half conduit wiring? Is that not a thing?

My dear @gentleshaid half conduit is just an 80% of conduit so, it's still a conduit type of wiring because, you still cannot see the wires. Thank you for your time. Hope I have clarified you sir?

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Conduit wiring is definitely much better visually speaking, especially as handling the Fishertape (I didn't remember the name of this thing in English by the way; could it have another name by any chance) is at the end of the day not very complicated (I did it myself for small homeworks as updating the location of sockets in my house).

Thanks for this nice article.

@lemouth, you sounds like you have been doing this for a while though. Thank you for your time Boss.

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Not for a while... that's recent in my case ;)

Alright... It's nice