I was nominated as spokesperson for the most important Society in the study of marine mammals in Mexico!🐬🐋

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Hi #AmazingNature Community!🌱

Once again, I bring you content that I consider to be of quality, this takes several hours of reading, comprehension and writing.💡📚

But more than that, this is one more publication so that together we can appreciate and contemplate how wonderful our nature is!🐬🐟🦈🦀🐢🐳🐙 I hope you enjoy!🐬🐟🦈🦀🐢🐳🐙🤗

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I was appointed as spokesperson for the most important Society in the study of marine mammals in Mexico!🐬🐋

Definitely studying a postgraduate degree in science brings benefits, and this despite being a PhD in a country like Mexico, where unfortunately the development of science and technology are not a priority in the country.


Photo credit: Carmen Gil
📍Location: Autonomus University of Yucatán, México

It is sad to hear all the stories of Mexican scientists for whom the government has drastically reduced their research budget. Even so, not everything is bad, and less when it comes to marine science, and even less when we talk about marine mammals, in general, humans are indescribably curious to see these amazing animals.

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The Mexican Society of Marine Mammozoology (SOMEMMA), exists since 1979!😱

This is the name given to the most important Society in Mexico that is dedicated to scientific dissemination regarding marine mammals. All research with species such as whales, dolphins, sea lions, manatees, seals and even sea elephants is presented at a national meeting organized by SOMEMMA, this meeting is held every year. This year, due to the current contingency of COVID-19, the meeting was held virtually.


Photo credits: Fernando Elorriaga (president of SOMEMMA)
📍Location: Baja California Sur, México

The research presented at this meeting is so numerous that this meeting lasts for a week, with a schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Here you can learn from great researchers but also from younger people and students.


Image credits: SOMEMMA 2021

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Research on marine mammals in Mexico should have more support❗️

It is incredible to see the amount of research lines that the scientific community in Mexico covers. Topics such as marine bioacoustics, mammalian health, population biology (I participated in this category), ecology, parasitism, diet, behavior and many more were presented at this meeting.


Photo credits: María A. Pardo (SOMEMMA)
📍Location: Baja California Sur, México

The keynote presentations were presented by renowned researchers in Mexico and other countries such as Chile and the United States.


Image by: SOMEMMA 2021

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My participation in SOMEMMA 2021✅

In this meeting I spoke about the thesis that I did in my master's studies, a work that I had previously written a more detailed post, here I will not give many details. You can find that explicit information here👉https://peakd.com/hive-127788/@juanbg/i-graduated-as-a-master-of-science-how-have-i-contributed-to-marine-sciences



In general, I worked with two species of dolphins and studied their growth. We found that the smaller species grew slightly faster than the larger species, something that was not known before. These results will be published in a scientific journal in due course.


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A big unexpected surprise!😱

Every three years, it is customary to hold an assembly where the new board of directors is elected that will organize and coordinate SOMEMMA's activities for the next three years. Actually, all participants can enter this assembly.

Some of the positions on the board of directors are as follows:

  1. 🔷President
  2. 🔷Vice President
  3. 🔷Secretary
  4. 🔷Finance
  5. 🔷Spokespersons (3 spokespersons distributed throughout the country)
  6. 🔷Science committee
  7. 🔷Stranding Committee


My big surprise was to see my appointment to be the spokesperson for the southeast region of Mexico! To do this, I had to compete with three other researchers. The satisfaction I felt when I heard about the results and realized that I had obtained this position was very great.


Our first meeting as board of directors of SOMEMMA 2021!😄

Although I am still a PhD student, this seems to be the right way to contribute to science and generate links with other researchers. But my dream doesn't end here...


Photo credits: Juan Bacab G.
📍Location: Cancún, México

Definitely the sea and its species are like an addiction when you start to study them. They generate curiosity, admiration and great passion. Much work remains to be done for them...

"Research is the foundation for the conservation of our species" - Mexican Society of Marine Mammalogy (SOMEMMA)🐳


Photo credits: Mario Pardo (SOMEMMA)
📍Pacific Ocean, México

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What do you think about this❓

What are the organizations that study marine mammals in your country❓🌎

Let us know in the comments💬...

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Great news Juan, congrats! I am sure you will take this opportunity to advocate all those amazing marine creatures and their environment :) Good luck!

Sea research takes place all along our South African coastline by a few Institutes keeping a watchful eye on the water.

Congratulations on being nominated @juanbg very interesting life science to be involved in.

I think South Africa is always characterized as a place where there is great importance for animals, is that right? Someday I would like to know your country! @joanstewart

South African Ocean Institutes Care of Animals:

The South African Association for Marine Biological Research. SAAMBR
Mammal Research Institute - Pretoria
Oceans Research
Animal Care & Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteering in Africa
Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds - SANCCOB

Just some of the places mentioned above, locally we have CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Durban, where all birds/animals are treated. Many places one I wrote about recently was Falcon Ridge with diverse wildlife being abundant and protected, still need human assistance from time to time.

Very interesting post and amazing photos @joanstewart! Happy to hear that there are numerous societies and institutes that take care of animals!

Never enough @juanbg always room for more, not supported with any government aid it really is up to each division to find a way forward. Keep doing what you do, the animals need every bit of help they can get.

Thanks for your inspiring words! We know that we have to move forward without depending on any government. Animals need us more than ever @joanstewart

Not sure we've even gotten any in my country, sadly.

Yes, unfortunately there's not societies like this in all the countries of the world.

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Awesome accomplishment @juanbg ! .. congratulations on getting this chair. They chose someone who really cares. We wish you the very best in the future and hope that you can actively help in making this world a better place for all its inhabitants, especially all marine beings that cant help themselves out there 👍 .. Best wishes for your future from the whole AN Team 😁

Surely that you're @adalger here hahaha. Thanks for all the support my friend😁🐬

You got me 😂 .. You are welcome ^^ .. And also a big thanks for all that you are doing for nature awareness for the whole Hiveasphere with your great nature and biodiversity news and always great posts .. That you joined here is defenitly a big advantage for all nature lovers 👍 .. This dedication deserves all the possible support 😉

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