Scientific benefits of water to human body.

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After reading the topic of this post, you may have concluded that there is nothing about water that you do not know, but just hold on because I am about to open your eyes to the scientific makeup of water. Water is an essential part of life, we cannot exist without the use of water and certainly, everyone likes water but there are certain scientific sides to water that are not unveiled to a layman.


Molecular nature of water.

Water supports life as a result of its molecular structure and a few other properties that it possesses. Water is actually a very simple molecule made up of three basic types of atoms, two small, and positively charged hydrogen atoms, then one large negatively charged oxygen atom.

In a situation when hydrogen binds to oxygen, it forms an asymmetrical molecule, this asymmetrical molecule carries a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other side, the entity that differentiates this charge is called polarity and it is the polarity that indicates interaction of water with other molecules.

Water is a polar molecule and it interacts properly and appropriately with other polar molecules like itself since it is easy for opposite charges to attract one another, each water molecule has a negative and positive charge and each side of the molecule is attracted to the opposite charge. This means, that the positive hydrogen charge of one hydrogen molecule will bond with the negative oxygen of the adjacent molecule, the attraction of opposite charges attraction makes it possible for water to create a relatively strong connection, these connections created are called bonds and these bonds have polar molecules around it, these polar molecules also include other water molecules.

The bonding between molecules makes it possible for water molecules to stick together in a property known as cohesion. The cohesion of water molecules also helps plants take up water from their roots, cohesion contributes to water's high boiling point, which in turn helps animals to regulate their body temperature.

Water provides the appropriate shape to everything found inside the cell. It fills up the cell to help maintain structure and shape. The water found inside lots of cells and even those that make up the human body produces pressure that opposes external forces.

Water also contributes to membrane formation around the cells. It is also directly involved in lots of chemical reactions required to build up and break down cell components. Water is also involved in building larger cell molecules and alternatively, water is also involved in the reaction that makes the breakdown of the molecule possible.


Water is extremely important, it is a major aspect of life and it helps in the adaptability and versatility of chemical reactions. Water has a simple molecular structure that helps with the maintenance of shapes for cell's inner components as well as outer membrane.

The reason why the body needs water.

As established above, water plays a very important role in chemical and molecular structures and arrangements, but water also plays a basic role in the functions of the body. Here are some of the most important health benefits of water to the body;

  • Water helps keep the joints lubricated: synovial fluid is mostly made up of water, this fluid is responsible for helping to reduce friction in joint cartilage. This simply means that lower water consumption will lead to increased inflammation and of course, translate into increased joint pain.

  • Skin improvement: A reasonable amount of water intake, will help keep the skin supple and lubricated. When the skin loses water, it simply becomes less elastic and shriveled creating more wrinkles and the creation of creases.

  • Helps with weight loss: According to medical and fitness experts, drinking water especially before meals will help in losing extra pounds, this research is backed up by the fact that water increases satiety by helping the consumer feel really full, which may lead to the consumption of lower calories.

  • Body temperature is regulated: The body is kept cool by the simple act of sweating, sweating a lot without taking in an appropriate amount of water would lead to dehydration, and dehydration is a risk factor for heat-related illnesses. Taking so much water will reduce the risk of overheating.

  • Improves performance during exercise: Water is extremely important during athletic performances, dehydration could create some type of decreased muscle strength and reduce the activity of the athlete.

  • Reduces the possibility of constipation: Consuming a significant amount of water can help ease bowel movements, other food high in magnesium and fiber such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains could also contribute to the ease of constipation.

The effect of water absence in the kidney.

The kidney naturally filters around 120 to 150 quarts of fluid on a daily basis, approximately 1 to 2 quarts of the total amount of fluid is removed through urine, and the rest of the fluid is removed through the bloodstream. Water is extremely important for the kidney to function appropriately, if the kidney does not function appropriately, the excessive fluid that should have been discarded, gets built up in the body, and this will ultimately result in chronic kidney disease.


Water is extremely important to the body, not every needed amount of water is gotten through drinking water, others can be gotten through beverage consumption and tomatoes. Refusal to take in the appropriate amount of water needed by the body would lead to issues with the kidney and other types of health complications

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Nice and well written content. The importance of water in our lives cannot be overemphasized, both at the microscopic and macroscopic levels. Man can survive without food for many days, but without water, survival chances are very slim

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I wish the whole world can see this and understand how important water is to our body and daily activities. Nicely done ✅

Thanks a lot for the read.