The Fear of Moving Away From One's Comfort Zone || How To Overcome This Particular Fair

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Fear functions as a prisoner, binding people to their own emotions. Many people have been unable to overcome their phobias, and as a result, they are constantly trapped in a cage.

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There are far too many things that people are terrified of. There is an unending list of things that people are scared of. Some people are scared of physical items and environments, such as water, heights, depths, fire, and confined spaces. Some people are scared of the future. There is widespread dread of the unknown, as well as a variety of other fears. There is one fear in particular that you should focus on or help a friend conquer. That is the fear of moving away from one's comfort zone.

How To Overcome The Fear of Moving Away From Your Comfort Zone.

Many people are so scared of moving away from their comfort zones because they have become accustomed to it. They go about their business as normal because they are afraid. They are opposed to trying new things and are staunchly opposed to any type of innovation. If you can't overcome this fear, you won't be able to try new things. You can easily overcome this fear by trying this three things;

1 Discuss with strangers: This may sound somehow but Yes, discussing with strangers will progressively reduce your phobia of meeting new people. Avoid them at all costs. Begin with a welcoming grin and an attempt to relax. Inquire on simple topics such as how their day went and what they are doing now. You gain confidence when you're about to start and continue a conversation with a stranger.

2 Accept Challenges: Accept the challenge of doing something everyone else is avoiding. It's possible that they'd want to stay in their own comfort zone as well. As a result, accept projects or work that you and many people would normally avoid. As you achieve them, your confidence grows.

3 Calculate the level of your growth: Record your progress and, if feasible, praise yourself as you achieve any tasks you had previously avoided. The more simple tasks you accomplish, the more self-assurance you gain. You will gradually feel more comfortable outside your comfort zone. Try it out and see if it works for you.


There is a popular adage that says
"When you strive hard to overcome your fears, you will eventually win,"

I've mentioned a few techniques to overcome this fear; give them a try and you'll see how effective they are.

This is my first post to this wonderful community. I'd like to contribute more and be more engaged here. I stumbled across it while exploring about Hive communities. Thank you for allowing me to join you here.


If you want to read more on how to overcome this kind of fear, the links below would be very useful.

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I thought there would be a word for this fear just like every phobia?

Yeah. There's actually a name for this type of fear. Agoraphobia meaning fear of leaving one's place or home


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There is phobias which is like a follow come problem with the aim of not going to make it in life or living my comfort zone I wl not be come successfully,let me tell you a shocking story of my 34years now no good job,no apartment to call my,no girl friend or more less wife due to the phobias in me which I have been nursing with the aim that if I leave my comfort zone I wl not make it,in my house three square meal is not a problems.we dress like we ar working with central bank officials due to everything is there for us but can dose I mentioned above be there for me ?NO because I need to wake-up and tired up my .from what I believe on such phobias is encouragement, have people that have experience life to educate you on such phobias.

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You are definitely right