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RE: A Steroid Treatment for COVID-19, and a Few Words About Steroids

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Hello @agmoore, thanks for your well elucidated writeup, i enjoyed every single bit of it. Absolutely beautiful, it is worth mentioning that steroids may not only induce cataract formation in the eye but also increase intraocular pressure which could lead to glaucoma formation especially for topical steroids. Thanks for well informing us.


Hello @nattybongo,
Thank you for those kind words. I've looked up a couple of articles about topical steroids and glaucoma (since I read your comment) and it is something I'd like to look into more. One thing I discovered is there are three categories of patients who take steroids: high responders, moderate responders and non-responders. This article explains different reactions to steroids. Fascinating. I guess it would be good for a patient and doctor to know which catergory the patient fits into to assess risk.

Thanks for that informative response. I love it when more questions are raised...that is, stuff I don't know.

Be safe and well, @nattybongo