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This week was a very sad week for our world. Somehow, 2020 and 2021 were complicated years with the pandemics, and we hoped for the best for 2022. This was however proved not necessary...

Here is @lemouth, who is in charge this week. I will keep this introduction brief. I do not think there is much more to write. Let's just our thoughts be with casualties of war. I want peace. We all want peace. What a scary world...

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This week, we go back to our usual rule of a single author being only allowed to be featured once every three weeks. It was indeed relieving to see our number of weekly most supported authors to be above 15 again!

Our top choices

Water science 🧠👨‍🏫

We start our weekly selection by featuring a colourful blog with some nice images and a video. Our STEMsocial member @oscurity takes his favourite microscope and start investigating tiny aquatic species living in a drop of water. Thanks to present technology, the results can be shared easily shared online, and of course on chain. Moreoer, this could also serve as a good excuse to ask questions and be curious, like for instance about the impact of temperature on microorganisms. By visiting this blog, you will definitely learn that life and nature never do anything by chance.

Fail Fast, Learn More

As a second post for this week, we would like to feature another old and regular author of our community, @juecoree. An interesting topic is discussed this time: failing. Did you know that failure was good for innovation? Neuroscience agrees with this fact, as there is indeed a lot to learn in failing. Going one step further, we can say that anything that we learn makes us stronger. For that reason, it is important... to fail fast so that we can fix issues faster as well. I suggest to pay the author a visit. Discussing this topic with him won't be a failure, for sure.

Exploring the Concept of dark matter and dark energy

One week without physics is not a good week. This is the physicist in me (i.e. this is just a full me) that says it. We were pleased to be able to select this blog written by @mengene, in which the concepts of dark matter and dark energy are discussed. After all, the dark stuff makes more than 95% of the universe. If you want to get some information about how physicists came up with those dark ideas (somewhat appropriate for the present dark time), feel free to follow the link, and engage the author.

Some considerations on factors affecting rangelands

For the next post in the distilled, we change subject a little and move on with agriculture and associated knowledge. Climate change has a very strong impact on land, and therefore in anything connected to it, and in particular to agriculture. Our agrotechnologist @amestyj (I hope the qualifier exists) opens ou eyes on how training and technology could be used to help us to face the future big changes.

Could the crisis in Ukraine be the end of the International Space Station?

The current crisis in Ukraine may have a strong unexpected impact on science. We could have naively imagined that scientists can stand together beyond conflicts between countries. However, this is not counting with the funding agencies that may put their finger where they should not. The International Space Station is a collaborative project between the US, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada. The rest can be guessed. @metabs offer an interesting reading on this topic. Feel free to pass by, if you are not afraid of geopolotics.

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We wish you all a great week-end!


Greetings dear friends @STEMsocial, a great satisfaction for me, to see the agricultural content in this week's styling, I observe excellent quality content very diverse and interesting. Today is a week where we are all on the side of peace, where tolerance prevails over diversity and differences, it is evident how the struggle for territory continues to prevail, as well as the struggle to obtain and exploit natural resources excessively, let's hope that at some point the greed of human beings decreases and we learn to live together as plants do in nature.

So long friends, the mention of agrotecnolo is valid, because we generate and put into practice technology for agricultural production. Have a great week.

 7 months ago  

Thanks to you for sharing with us your very nice blogs about agriculture, and this week after week. Personally, I am learning a lot in reading them.

We Stand with Peace

Thank you @lemouth on this sad day for that message, and thank you for offering us another great Distilled. I will catch up tonight on my reading, which has gotten away from me. I want especially to read about the rangelands. Actually, now that I'm looking at them they all look fascinating.

Bedtime reading on my iPad :))

 7 months ago  

Hehehe! Some interesting pieces of text for the week-end ;)

By the way I took my decision and next Monday will be about citizen sciences / participatory science on Hive. I still need to start writing such a blog, which competes with 47 exam sheets to mark :)

One week without physics is not a good week.

@lemouth You didn't really need to say it was you writing the distilled. We would know! :D

 7 months ago  

Ahaha! So true! :)

 7 months ago  

I am actually very sad even though the war is not close to the shores of my country. I just wonder why humans will manufacture weapons just to kill other humans and expect peace to reign in the world. To those fanning the embers of war, casualties are just collateral damages to achieving their aims.

I sincerely hope the world gets healed, someday.

Good selections for the week, as usual. Congratulations to the authors.

 7 months ago  

I guess this is part of the human nature, as usual... Bloody humans...

I am afraid that we may leave the pandemic behind us (as indicators seem to get better and better) to enter WW3. Hopefully I am wrong... Crazy times!

I have not yet fully understood the reasons for this war

 7 months ago  

Well... geopolitics is by far complicated so that I am not surprised. Although I have ideas about the reasons of the attacks on Ukraine, those consist only in my opinion. For that reason I won't mention them explicitly. It is better to check out what real experts have to say on this matter (which I am not).

Thank so much! I feel niceee for the mention

 7 months ago  

Thanks to you to be constantly with us, week after week, year after year!

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 7 months ago  

A meme I saw was 'Congratulations for surviving the Pandemic. Your reward: world war III'

But until that happens, let's keep churning out the great content!

 7 months ago  

Ahaha I didn't see such a meme, but I can definitely easily imagine it exists in many different versions.

These are actually some good write-ups. Thanks for these.

 7 months ago  

Thanks for passing by and reading them!


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