Why Do Women Behave Differently During Pregnancy? Top 6 Reasons Why

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As the second leading cause of death for women after cardiovascular disease, pregnancy poses a substantial risk to both mother and unborn child. During pregnancy, many women behave differently and take extra care of themselves. They eat well, go for regular workouts and even dress up in babydoll outfits.

The changes may not be as drastic as one would think but there are definitely some behavioral differences that come with being a woman during pregnancy. From keeping a tight watch on their weight to trying out new hobbies, You will notice during pregnancy period, women tend to behave differently or perhaps come up with several mood swing and you might be wondering what is actually the cause, Don't worry no more as I have prepared this post to answer your question


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Weight loss during pregnancy

Let's start with weight loss. Let me give you a bit of shocker, do you know that women lose weight during pregnancy. You are surprised? Well that was how I was also when I First found out. But stay with me as I ride on

The first few months of pregnancy are a time when many women look to lose a few pounds. But instead of making healthy food choices, some women tend to make unhealthy choices, like skipping meals or eating only to feel full. Most women who lose weight during pregnancy end up gaining it back by the time their baby is due.

While it’s common to lose a few pounds in pregnancy, women who want to keep their weight stable should focus on eating healthy, balanced meals and getting plenty of exercise. Not only will you stay healthy, but you’ll also be able to feel better and more energetic.

Personality change

Now this is the aspect that looks quite interesting and where things get exciting. Women do have personality change during pregnancy. Though it varies in women depending on how their body chemistry react to the pregnancy. Some women personality change can really be so several that their husband might be wondering is this the woman I married at first place.

Around the third trimester, many women report feeling more emotional than usual. The hormonal changes that come with pregnancy are likely to play a part in this. As you may have already noticed, they may even cause you to feel teary. There’s also a chance that you may experience mood swings. This may sound alarming, but such changes are common during pregnancy. After delivery, your hormones will likely return to their pre-pregnancy state and you’ll be back to your normal self.

Becoming a mother


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As a woman, you know how incredible motherhood is. But around the third trimester, you may feel like you’ve always wanted to become a parent. You might even experience childhood-like feelings of excitement and joy. As you get closer to delivery and approach the experience of birthing your child, these feelings may get stronger. There may even be moments when you feel like you’ve been waiting to become a mother your entire life.

New tastes and smells

You might have hear that pregnant women tend to even lose taste in what might even be their favourite food before they got married. Some lose smell even in their favourite perfumes before perfume. You notice everything suddenly change, they developed new tastes for food or drinks, new smells for things and this might even lead them to start disliking their favourite food or their favourite perfumes

Pregnancy is often associated with an increased sense of smell and the association may not be totally off the mark. During pregnancy, your olfactory system is “turned up” and you may notice things that you didn’t notice before.

The increased sense of smell may cause you to experience strong new tastes such as fish or broccoli. You may also notice that certain smells, like the smell of garlic, seem to bother you more. All of these things are perfectly normal.

Increased awareness and mindfulness

The level of sensitivity in women becomes more higher during pregnancy period which might lead to increased awareness and mindfulness. They become sensitive to little changes around them and this lead them often to get irritated by some little things which they don't get irritated about before

Pregnancy is a time when many women notice how much they pay attention to their surroundings. This may be accompanied by a sense of heightened awareness. As you might have already noticed, you may also become more mindful about your actions. What you eat, how you walk and what you wear may all be things that you noticed before but didn’t pay attention to. Now that you are more actively aware of them, you may want to change your wardrobe, for example, to avoid toxins.

Staying active during pregnancy


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It is always suggested medically that women should try to be active during pregnancy. Active in the sense that they should exercise their body and muscles in prescribed excercise by their doctors

Most women who work out during pregnancy will probably feel stronger throughout their pregnancy. But there’s actually a growing body of research that suggests that regular exercise during pregnancy may have a positive effect on the baby. Studies have found that women who work out regularly while they’re expecting have babies who are more developed at birth, weigh more at birth and are less likely to be born prematurely.


Women experience many changes throughout pregnancy, and each woman’s experience is different. Whether you’re experiencing pregnancy for the first time or are expecting your second or third child, there are some common behavioral changes that many women experience during pregnancy. While these changes are common, they don’t mean that you have to change who you are. Instead, use them as an opportunity to learn more about your body and how it works. From your hormones to your baby’s development, there’s plenty to learn about and many more.

The life of a mother and the role of motherhood needs to be more appreciated and respected in our society. Due recognition should be given and husband should learn to give their wives Maximum support, care, affection and love during pregnancy because that's when they needed it most even when those changes begins to pop up.









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