Vit. D Deficiency Is Behind Bulk of COVID19 Deaths & Ivermectin Works Says US Pathologist.

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Dr. Ryan Cole MD - Pathology specialist and operator of a large independent labs in Idaho, US shares some data driven truths about COVID19. He bravely points out that 90% of deaths due to COVID19 could have been avoided if the patient had sufficient Vitamin and Mineral levels - specifically Vitamin D.

As Vitamin D (a hormone) is inherently connected to immune function, it follows that anyone who is Vitamin D deficient will be immunocompromised too. The advice is to make sure you have a high dose of Vitamin D regularly - for those who are beyond the relevant latitude, make sure to supplement with Vitamin D.

The Doctor also highlights that Ivermectin works very effectively for treating COVID19 patients. Why is this not headline news?

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had to go waste time pointing out in absolutely no posts were my claims not data backed and fact checked nor did they violate the T.O.S.

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it was a process alright and really not worth it
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He certainly 'has been'

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Vit D and COVID is a no-brainer. Explains why Somalis and other non-western immigrants in Norway with very low vit D have 10X change of severe covid.

Seems to be the case, yes.

damn it I missed the window on this and just found it but not that the b.a. acct is worth much (being a lil red fish has its perks)

They are deliberately culling (op/ed only) , I wish to speak MUCH further in the future and write but for now the environment is hostile, there are doctors talking to me and it's chilling. Most are compromised borgs sold out to Big Pharma but not all hope is lost.

It's nice to read someone else knows it's a hormone, they spin and conceal a lot , even on here imho