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Fauci Funded Development of COVID19 in Wuhan - Evidence Presented on Mainstream Media News (Finally)

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So the Covid19 'experience' is 18 months in and the mainstream media is only now starting to repeat in full what reearchers such as myself were saying over a year ago - namely, that the evidence shows COVID19 was developed in and leaked from labs in Wuhan China - being originally signed off on by no other than the US's 'genius' of virology, Anthony Fauci!

This video from news anchor Tucker Carlson actually does a decent job of exposing Fauci's involvement in the development of what likely became COVID19. Although the real details are ommitted, Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the world's legislation on bioweapons exposed this very same subject in further detail only weeks after the world started speaking about COVID19. Dr. Boyle stated that the virus began in Ft. Detrick, Maryland, US and was likely shipped to China to avoid rules in the US which prohibit engineering of viruses to make them more dangerous.

Despite Carlson ommitting the full details and a lot of the evidence, to his credit he does expose some things that were not previously well known here. One such data point is that Peter Daszak, head of Ecohealth alliance, was funded by the US gov and Fauci to do dangerous 'gain of function' research into coronaviruses in Wuhan. Just days before COVID19 was publicly known about, Daszak recorded an interview in which he spoke about how easy it is to manipulate coronaviruses in just the kind of way that COVID19 appears to have been manipulated.

The real kicker is that the WHO's 'investigation' into the origins of COVID19 was actually orchestrated by Daszak, who clearly had a vested interest in biasing it's conclusions.

Please watch this with an open mind and do your OWN RESEARCH into this. Our lives depend on our own awareness and understanding.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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