Xmas Coup in Australia? Ex Special Forces Leader: "Shut Down Australia Or They Will Kill You All!"!

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***The Australian Ex Special Forces Leader, Riccardo Bosi, is highly critical of the Australian government's response to COVID19. In this video he advises the population to stop working in order to save their own lives as the government intends to kill many of them...****

As I previously shared Bosi is seen to advise military and police that if they follow the orders of the Australian states to control the population for COVID19 then they are breaking various laws and that they must refuse to follow the orders if they themselves want to escape prosecution. He is very vocal that he is clear that elements in the government have intent to kill large numbers of people under the cover of SARS CoV2 and is taking continual action to stir up resistance in the population.

This short clip sees him dressed in his army fatigues, stating that everyone needs to resist that tyrannical dictats that have removed human rights for millions of people without proven scientific or ethical grounds. He states that everyone in the country should stop working until Christmas. When asked "what happens at Christmas?", he replies "Watch this space!".

It is unclear what Bosi has planned for Christmas, but from his language and attitude it sounds like he is posturing for some kind of coup attempt.

Protests in all major cities in Australia have been getting larger and larger as more and more people realise that they are both being lied to and coerced into harmful actions.

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That's it...stop feeding that big bitch Babylon...
I hope more police & military come out like this...💪

I know right? Here the government just produces the money out of thin air but still there are others whom you can stop feeding the hand that is biting you.

True, way to go, stop feeding "them" and support the
"new creations"...

I get bad vibes when a military officer presents himself as an alternative to the status quo. He was part of that system. He embraced its core structures of power. He is also versed in the tactics of coercion, not consent. It creates a false dichotomy between that status quo and the vague promises of a would-be usurper.

Yes, I know the same could have been said of Washington, and it was right to be suspicious of his motivations, too. His military tactics were unwise, and his political tenure was marred by the Whiskey Rebellion and other violations of the principles people under him had fought to uphold.

I guess sometimes the unknown ends up being better than the knows. I think that's what's happening here with Trump, people so desperately seeking some way out of the mess their desperation blinds them to the truth. At some point though you have to open your eyes wide enough to stop your own denial, continue to march forward to find a better path.

Gotta stop trying to seize power or find a leader, and instead march to the beat of your own drum. Responsibility and integrity, not elections and mandates, will bring progress.

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This is how you sell a book. Wear your old uniform and start convincing paranoid people

Good job. Nice one.