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RE: The cat who did not like walking in boots and on a leash ))) / En - Ua

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Well your cat all dressed up is the cutest thing! Adorable threads for an adorable cat.

Thanks for sharing your fun story and cute pictures. I’m surprised he didn’t freak out and frantically flail about trying to remove the boots. I would think it would cause a similar level of discomfort to their paws as a piece of tape or so. (If you’ve never seen that it’s pretty sad how much they hate it)

I have put my cat on a least a few times. I can’t really walk her where I want to go but I can follow her around alright. She definitely prefers to just wander around though too. Thankfully I don’t have ticks where I’m at!


Oh, it's lucky that you @bdubwim don't have ticks where you live! In our yard in the village, where we moved to live in the summer, live two older cats and they have a lot of ticks on their bodies all the time. That's why we were worried! But I understood from the beginning that later the children will get used to it and will let our cat go for a walk on their own. We did antiparasitic prophylaxis for him and everything is ok :) Thank you for the comment.