Carlos the Bredli python

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Since I've been sharing my pets I thought I'd share another new addition.

This is Carlos!. Carlos is around 3-4 years of age and came from the same lady as frankie. We actually picked up another Bredli python there as well who lives at my mums now. He was 24 though and is nearing the end of his life so will spend his days lounging in the sun or curled up in his hide until he passes.

carlos sitting up.jpg

Bredli pythons usually look quite fat and Carlos is a little skinny for his age so we will be trying to fatten him up a bit as soon as we get him properly settled. Since he came on short notice I didn't have time to build his tank first so he has been in a temporary enclosure for the last week or two.

His new tank I am building is 1.8 metres long 600mm tall and 600mm wide. We have some nice logs and pieces of wood to fit and will probably use newspaper as substrate because its easier to clean and presents very few health hazards.

carlos up close.JPEG.jpg

Carlos is currently 2m long and is a typical size though he may grow up to 3m. He has a very sweet nature and since he likes to come out at dusk and night I always see his little head and neck pop out of his cave before bed. He stretches his neck out and rests his head on top of his hide and just watches everything. I imagine sometimes he's picturing the lizards as a meal but he just looks so cute with his little snoot hanging out.


He enjoys climbing so we will put plenty of fun things in his house to climb on but I also like to take him outside to have a climb in the shorter trees on nice days. I have to be careful he doesn't go too high or it could be problematic getting him down.

Carlos has a very lovely nature and is easily handled, in a month or so he will start coming with us as part of our new business, taking reptiles to childrens parties and events to help educate and teach kids about our native animals. When kids meet a friendly snake at a young age I think it can greatly lower their fear and increase their respect for reptiles. They aren't all fearsome venomous angry little noodles. Some of them very much like to snuggle up in your lap where it's nice and warm and cuddle around you.

carlos on kelly (2).jpg

This is our friend Kelly having a cuddle with Carlos, he likes to hang around you and swing his head about looking for things to climb on.

We have lots more animals coming and lots of reptiles to show everyone :)


I love danger noodles XD

Naww look at him, I bet he does look super adorable with the snoot poking out of the hide when he's just waking up and checking things out :)