My 4 year old freshwater crocodile Frankie. Sweet little thing

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I thought I would introduce everybody to the newest addition to my growing family.

frankie open mouth not happy.jpg

Her name is Frankie and she is a 4 year old freshwater crocodile. Frankie came to me through a lady who had lost her licence for whatever reasons and needed to rehome her.

Frankies dad, Fovian actually lives with my mum now in Beechworth and is very happy in Billy the saltwater crocodiles old enclosure with his best friend who is a broad-shelled turtle.

Frankie did not enjoy having to leave her mums house where she has spent all of her life. She tried to bite and cried in the saddest sound. Her owner Kaz cried when she heard her and I felt terrible taking her but we knew she was going to a good home and would be well cared for.

frankies eye.jpg

Before we got Frankie we found a very large tank for her to live in for the first couple of years. The tank is 2.7m long x 600mm high x 600mm wide. Which is a pretty good size tank given shes only about 600mm long herself.

Frankies 2.7m tank.jpg

She is starting to calm down now that she has realised we don't want to hurt her and that the tank is her domain. We won't try and handle her for a few weeks at least and let her settle in and get a good feeding schedule going.

Frankie will live with us for the rest of her life and her enclosures will change and grow to suit her needs. Eventually when we purchase some suitable land we will build a full crocodile pool and lots of space to roam.

frankie on dock better.jpg

Crocodiles are often feared and misunderstood creatures and while they can definitely be dangerous they are also an incredible creature to see face to face. Freshwater crocodiles have a far better temprament than their salt water relatives and with time Frankie will come to accept us. She has bitten someone already but that is understandable given the fear she would be feeling.

frankie in water.jpg

Fovian her father can be easily approached and even touched without him caring in the slightest. The saltwater crocodile who used to live with us Billy would certainly never let you within touching distance or he would try and rip you to pieces.

I will try and post updates on Frankie and more pictures of her as I can, You guys can watch her grow with me :).


That is a very cool little crocodile! It's good to know that they have a better temperament than the salt water ones.

I think she's adorable and I am keen for her to get used to us. Her old owner said she didn't particularly like males but I'm hoping to change that with time, and treats :)

Did Frankie and Wormy come within a short space of time from each other or are you catching us up?

I know the Wormy post wasn't that long ago but lack of sleep seems to be affecting my memory ^_^;

Oh poor Frankie's previous owner, it's the worst when they don't want to give them up but have to :< Glad she's settling in :)

haha bit of both, they came at the same time from different places along with another snake but im just catching up on posting bout everybodyyy

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