Sassy loving the beach!

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The whole aim of our trip was to get to the warm weather and the beach and we certainly have. Sassy our little 1 year old mixed breed dog is probably loving it even more than us though!

Sassy visiting the 12 apostles

Sassy turned 1 a few days ago and the last couple months of her life have been spent on the road and visiting new places. She loves people and other dogs and if you so much as smile at her she will try and play with you and get some pats.

What the fuck are those things

She is actually a fantastic swimmer and we have been getting her to swim further and further each time. The last swim she did she probably managed a good 40 metres on her own, just paddling away, and she loves it too.

The sand is her favourite thing though and she loves to do "zoomies" whenever she can. I think it must be something about the way the sand feels under her feet and kicks up when she runs. She will find anything she can to play with on the beach from sticks to rocks, shells and seaweed. Basically anything that washes up is a toy.

Must run as fast as possible

We wanted her to be a good swimmer in case we were ever walking along the beach and a wave came and dragged her out, or if she got stuck in a current or something and I think with all her practice now she will be just fine. She has a pretty high level of fitness and energy and will go all day if you let her. We did a 10km walk last night and the first thing she did when we got back was pick up her ball for me to throw.

The bigger the stick the better

She loves kids more than anything so we just have to be careful with her off lead. She would never hurt one on purpose but she does still have a tendency to get excited and try and jump up on you and I don't want her running over and knocking a little kid over.


Sassy will come with us on all our adventures even though it does make it harder. The west coast of Australia is fairly unfriendly for dogs and most accommodation, even camping, wont allow them. They aren't allowed into national parks even just in the car and poison is used all over. Still worth it though.

How could you leave me behind mum and dad.

She may end up having to spend some time at some kennels when we do activities but for the most part she will be on all our adventures and have quite an exciting life.

Ball almost bigger than her


Oh Gosh that pretty Sassy 😍😍 I want to shower her with lots of kisses coz of her cuteness 😘😘