Pictures Of The Day And An Offer To All Dog Owners In Hive

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Hello Hive Pet Community!


Here are he funniest pictures of Joy during a walk a couple of days ago!

I shot and edited them with a Huawei P30 Pro.

Enjoy the beautiful faces of a Bulldog running :)!






If you are interested in insights into dog psychology feel welcome to leave a comment with a question or topic request.

I'm a dog owner for 20 years and studied Animal Psychology at ATN / Switzerland and are more than willing to help out if you have a question regarding dogs.

Though not every issue can be solved from the distance, but I may be able to provide some valuable informations into dog psycholgy.

About bulldog-joy

Welcome to Annas world. She is a studied animal psychologist and has a broad interest in nature and questions about being. She is an autodidact that loves to explore and has a good portion of humor.

Join her for interesting stories, fascinating photos and facts about dogs and nature.

If you like her content, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment to show some love. Feel free to reblog and don't forget to follow @bulldog-joy to be up to date with her latest posts.



This is so funny and you captured Joy in such hilarious way! ☺

Haha these photos of joy are so good!!

So funny! My husbands Aunt had a bull dog named Jake. He was a friendly old dude but is now in pet heaven. He lived a good life on a Wine farm here in Cape Town.

Wine farm...I bet he had a lot fun lol. I love squishy dog faces...and the tongues...they are the best 😂

Hahaha Joy it's seems to be a a funny dog! It's so cute. And the best of all is that he has a lot space to run lol

Hahahah! Joy made me laugh! :D

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