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Sunday Funday

Temperatures are going crazy. From cold to hot in 24h.

Joy is suffering when it's hot. He cannot handle temperatures above 20°C / 68°F very well and today we suddenly had 30°C / 86°F.

All I can do is taking him where some water is, which is hard to do in the area where I live.

The closest is the Neckar river. It seems nice but I have to admit the water is rather ugly, most of the times at least.

The Neckar river is a highway for big cargo ships and usually a lot of tourist boats are there as well.

There are smaller shipyards around and one guy there told me that all the excursion boats are releasing the remains of the boats toilets straight into the river. So do most of the cargo ships.

I never really went swimming there but hearing that grossed me out.

What I have to do once in a while is taking Joy down there when it is warm outside.

Just so he can cool down a little bit, but I am telling you, whenever he drinks out of the river he is having diarrhea afterwards. And I'm having a hard time for at least 2 days lol.


So that's what I did today and he felt relieved being able to get his belly wet.

After I took care of his well being I thought I deserve an Ice.

There is an Ice cream place nearby so I decided to go with Spaghetti ice.

A big pot full of vanilla ice cream, frozen whip cream and strawberry sauce. Yummy.

I had my fair share of it and guess who wanted to have some as well?

Smart you, yes it was Joy who gently asked to have a bite by scratching my legs.

I'm a very good dog mom so of course I left something for him in the cup.

Like a little kid his eyes were shining and he started enjoying his part of the Spaghetti ice.

Dipping his face into the tiny cup looked really cute, so I had to take pictures.

After a short time he looked rather confused, kinda like "That can't be everything, there has to be more in it!".

To be on the safe side, he licked it again, better make sure there wasn't some ice cream forgotten.

Here is the proof that it wasn't. I am always impressed with the size of a Bulldogs tongue lol.

After the refreshment we headed home to chill out in the garden.

Sunday time is fun day time because there is no one around annoying me or Joy.

At least today lol.

Comments are welcome, if you like to praise Joys cuteness or tell me how you refresh your dog ;).



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Yeah thanks, another topping on the ice cream ;)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 56 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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A funny nice dog you have! Also, your photos are great and have very good quality. I am curious, what do you use to take photos?

Thanks, I'm using a Huawei P30 Pro. Joy is great, he is my joy 😊

Joy is beautiful! The weather has been really hot here too, like summer just hit. It's terrible what gets dumped in the water, hope you get to some clean water soon for a swim xxx

Yah the water in the river sucks, esp when all the weirs are closed. Then it is just a broth of human ugliness lol. My sis and her boyfriend like to take a swim in the river. They know about it but still do it. I don't get why lol, but if that is making them happy go ahead lol.

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Whohouuuu, I'm challenging myself for the monthly badge. Not easy lol. Working on it though 😆

Awwwwwwwwwww cute Joy! <3

There are smaller shipyards around and one guy there told me that all the excursion boats are releasing the remains of the boats toilets straight into the river. So do most of the cargo ships.

Ewwwwww. Seriously, what year is it? These people know full well how toxic that is. 😕 Poor Joy needs a little kiddie swimming pool so the water can be clean. :)

Yuan likes to share various foods of mine, too. He especially likes whipped cream. I often put it on my protein shake in the morning, so when he knows I have some, as soon as he hears the blender, he patiently waits for some. :)

Yuan your kitty? Whip cream is yummy 😋

Yes. This handsome fella:

Yuan 57.jpg

Maggie (the Tortie Queen) doesn't much care for human food but she can go for some cheese or deli meat on occasion. :)

Cats lol. Very lovely :)

Congratulations on the Qurator cover you German!


Thanks for letting me know lol, just dropped a whohoooooooo 😄 . Joy for cover and me for president 🤣

Isn't this virtual world trippy? Do you ever think about it, think about it? I been thinkin about it, thinkin about it lately and it's weird. These personas we'll likely never be face to face with ever actually impact our lives and us them like when I randomly drop messages like this.

Probably just me

...trippin weird...

Never say never ;)

You can go right ahead and stop back by with something slightly more intellectual for my consuming needs!

Doooood... I'm not making this up, I had Deja Vu the entire.f'ing.time I wrote that sentence just now. I promise that happened.

Queue Twilight Zone theme music.

This is an incredible way to cool off from the heat wave, my cat lies on the bathroom floor as it is the coldest floor in the house and sleeps there all day.

Hi, smart cat ;). I live under the roof which is a pain when it's hot. Joy barely moves then and I have to put a fan in front of him.

When it's like super hot for a long time the dip in the river becomes a gamble due to algae and all that shit that it is in there. To much to handle for Joys stomach and my nose 😄.

Thanks for stopping by :).

Looks like Joy was having so much fun with the water. I am thinking to take Gigi to such kind of place for swimming, she will learn I think. Gigi loves Icecream too but she is on diet so can't give her anything nowadays...

She might like water. Just take it easy if she doesn't wanna swim. And Joy just got a little bit off it ;).

What a nice Sunday with a cool, relaxing bath and ice cream. Beautiful photos.

Thanks, Joy is always a model like motive 😄 and he sure liked the ice cream.