Big old cuddle bug


Photo by me

Keiichi is such an awesome cat


Keiichi is HUGE now. It is crazy to think that he was such a tiny little guy when we got him. I think he weighs close to 18 pounds now. He isn't a chubby cat either, just huge. His massive size makes it really great when he cuddles with you or sleeps next to you.


Photo by me

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She has a very nice cat... I live in a building, before arriving from abroad they told me about a cat called "Anastasia"... She is a beautiful black cat, black, black, black, black hehehehe! She was found by some neighbors among the plants in the garden of the building, she was in bad conditions, they even thought she would die, but with everyone's help she was able to recover and now she is a very happy and beautiful cat, every time I go out I always call her to hug her and play with her for a while. I will try to share a picture of her with you one of these days, thanks for sharing your pets life..... Greetings my friend!