Pepper’s Water Intake and Water Fountain

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This one gave me a bite this morning. Well, even if she bites, it doesn't leave teeth marks. Pepper is quite gentle about it.
Pepper looked very puffy, and I just remembered I hadn't brushed her, I may have brushed her a bit too much today.
Mango is like a dog. She doesn’t mind when you touch her belly. She loves her belly scratched, but Pepper doesn’t like having her belly touched at all. Her belly fur was asking for a brushing though, haha.

Here's the furball Pepper produced today. It's about the size of a golf ball.

Anyway, I got a cat water fountain for Pepper the other day. My eldest daughter was planning to buy one for Mango, so she got one for Pepper as well. Cats don't drink much water, and this can lead to serious health issues, so we need to be careful. Pepper doesn't drink much water, partly because of her raw meat diet. Even though I prepare fresh water daily, I've never seen Pepper drinking it.

I used the water intake calculator to calculate the daily water intake for Pepper.

Pepper weighs 4.5 kg and doesn't eat dry food. She eats 125 grams of raw meat daily, which has a moisture content of 73%. According to this calculation, the cats in her weight need to drink about 250 ml per day. I wonder if cats eating dry food drink this much? This seems quite a challenge.
Raw meat contains about 90 ml of water, and I add 4-5 tablespoons (60-75 ml) of water to each meal (twice a day).

254.40 ml - 91.25 ml = 163.15 ml
163.15 ml - 150 ml (5 tablespoons x 2) = 13.15 ml

It seems like Pepper is about one tablespoon short. If that's the case, I could just add a little more water to the food. But even at 4 tablespoons, it's already quite a lot, making the food almost like soup. So, I was thinking of other ways to get Pepper to drink more water.

Pepper doesn’t drink, though!
When I play with water, she shows some interest but mostly ignores it. Mango, who also eats raw meat, seems to drink here and there.
Will Pepper get thirsty and drink if I reduce the water in her food? or is there another reason she is not drinking? Since her urine has never been dark, maybe it's fine as it is. I'll keep observing for a while.
Pepper seems to like the new box. She is annoyed with me for making noise to get her attention though 😅

This is Mango... It's been two weeks since my daughter brought Mango home. I visit them every day.

Mango's spay surgery wound has healed, and she got a good go for a bath. She was clean and fluffy. Mango is super cute and chatty but also very active, she is always getting into things. She is even busy eating and peeing!
Taking pictures ends up like this most of the time.

Since meeting Mango, Pepper has looked much bigger. She has always been a small and kitten-like cat for us. Everyone has been telling us that she is small. Although Pepper is 10 years old now. She must be getting a mature look. But I wouldn't have noticed it without comparing it with Mango. I wonder how big Mango will grow.



マンゴー はお腹を触っても怒らないワンコのようなニャンコなんですが、ペッパーはお腹を触られるのを嫌がるんですよね。でもお腹の部分のもこもこがブラッシングをしてくれと言ってたんです、笑




こちら のサイトを使って1日の水分摂取量を計算しました。


生肉食の水分は90ml程、私はそこに、毎食(1日2回)大さじ4杯から5杯(60ml〜75ml) の水を加えています。

254.40ml - 91.25ml = 163.15m

163.15m - 150ml(大さじ5x2) = 13.15ml








That’s all for today.

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Pepper is the same age as Arashi (our dog). It's really important to monitor their food and health especially now that they're not very young... Mango is also very cute! 🥰

I didn’t realize how mature Pepper looks until we met Mango. She is getting to be her senior age. I can see that now. She has slowed down.

That's true... But Pepper will always be your baby. :) It's been seven years since I first met Pepper in your post... It's amazing how time flies.

I had similar problems to yours in getting my cats to drink water, especially Mr. Cat who ended up getting sick with urinary problems, but I learned that I must first change his water daily if possible twice a day, his containers must be stainless steel or ceramic, also now I give him only boiled or filtered water and I put several containers in the water, that stimulated him and the others to drink more water.

Mango is beautiful and so is Pepper. If they only eat raw meat or protein, they will drink less water. Mine eat commercial food in the mornings and in the afternoons, wet food prepared at home.

Ah! I remember reading about having multiple water dishes! I’ll try that as well!
Thank you so much for the tips! I hope Pepper drinks some.

Cuteee nekos~ 😃 I like their names too Pepper and Mango hehe


We tend to name our pets after food. My first dog’s name was Ginger. My youngest daughter named her parakeet Wasabi just a little while ago😆


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I’m actually learning a lot from your posts. Didn’t know about dry and wet food at all. I hope Pepper will drink more!

We have many choices for cat food nowadays. I chose to go with raw diet which cost more but I’m very happy with it.
The other thing I recommend is to train your cat to use toilet. My daughter is training Mango right now. Pepper is fully trained. She doesn’t flush the toilet though but it is very clean.