Tired dogs after camping trip

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Yesterday, me and my 2 dogs had a great camping trip with my friends. We camped next door on a lawn next to a river. It has been heaven for my dogs. They were free to run on the lawn and played with everyone. They even enjoyed being on the SUP (Standing Up Paddle) and swimming in the river. They also stayed up late with everyone else to enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors. It was not only a great camping trip for me but also for them.






And after that great camping trip, my dogs and I were exhausted. After returning home the next morning, we showered and soon slept like the dead until the afternoon. Although exhausted, my dogs are just as eager for future camping trips as I am 😁🐶. Below are photos my wife took while we were sleeping.







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Hello @dodovietnam
Very nice camping trip.
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Thank you very much!

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