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RE: I feel so alive. Chase and status. Gold meeting wild dog. And crazy times.

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That's a hellava party, 2 weeks is quite the get together, but it takes a bit to prospect so I could see it. I've already been planning weekends this summer to go sluicing up north. It's right below one of my climbing areas so I can climb one day then sluice the next, then be home for dinner.

You might spread the theft around casually amongst the group if you haven't already. Could be good to get the group looking down on the douche bag.


Oh so everyone is shocked he is a huge idiot and got into this. He isn't allowed to come to further events unless he wants to answer for his actions. Which has been placed infront of the club by my mentor and main leader of the club. Oops.

So. The club got this from a famous miner. So it's named for him.and his wife.

And yep this is going to be awesome. They have been chasing a great pay streak and we got huge amounts of paydirt.

So if you want to come.let me know the club is amazing people and really interested in new members.

Good, I'm glad that is out in the open for the club to deal with.
I'm going to have to look into our clubs up here, I know they have access to a bunch of different claims, and are 6 hours closer than Portland. Seems the closest is in Rathdrum Idaho, The NW Gold Prospectors Association. And of course I just missed the gold show last month at their fairgrounds. 🙄

Absolutely however Eastern Oregon is absolutely chock-full of gold.

I seen a really amazing Rock from potosi Hot springs that not only had gold but a massive amount of mineralization and metals.

Gold is where you find it.

Actually we are going to be in Baker City for the 2-week-long camp out. The historical claim that they've been chasing this gold deposit was especially identified this last year.

And of course there is that gorgeous beautiful golden color.

Anyway if you'd like to come out I will totally hook you up. I've got a few other cool people that invitation is open to.

Damn, I just looked at maps and Sumpter has some massive dredge tailings on the Powder river. There must have been a load of gold in there for it to work that much.

I would totally go but that is high time for the garden and I am picking daily. Super cool though!

I'm gonna get my boys sluicing in our creek this week, see what they might be able to pull.

Yeah I'm going to be going out there for 2 weeks and I'm super excited so if you want to come check it out for a day or so let me know the offer is open.

And yes you should see a better working set of the car tonight from satellite as well as North Boise in the side of the 1862 Gold Rush on Grimes Creek you can see that.

Yep then there's always the crazy stuff going on in Colorado and Nevada Gold actually exists everywhere in the environment it's just where is it in larger amounts.

If you look at there is an insane number of claims in Nevada but so many are listed closed. I've been trying to research the old mines north of me but the info is a bit hard to come by. I've found a usgs map site that has mining claim activity on federal lands but I will probably have to go to the BLM office in town to find out more.

Look up the Ruby mine. I got scammed into finding a massive Galena and bismuth mine.

However there was actually quite a bit of tailing piles that were never tested.

I definitely wouldn't go inside of it and you have to check out who owns it at this current moment.

And actually the diggings is an invaluable resource for me to look up quite a bit of information about historical minds and during my planning for the Alaska trip that's what I relied on for the planning.

It is pretty amazing how many different mines you can locate.

We have LOTS of galena in this area. The courthouse in Colville has a big display that has more than 30 differently named samples of Galena. While I was waiting out front of the courthouse for my buddy to get his boat licensed I got to talking with a guy who told me of Rhodium on the surface of a mountain in northern Idaho. I am doing regualar research on the area trying to find it on the satellite images. At $26k/ounce I think my time is well spent in the research.