Zeus gold memories and gold.. why we treasure hunt...

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Of course the most important part about this is gold. Gold is just the beginning however.

When you hunt for treasure you take some extreme risk and at times put your health and well-being In harm's way.



These are the pictures from last summer at the Portland gold prospectors tyroy Meetup. Actually it was an amazing time and I got some serious gold action going on.

Way more than that I helped my mentor and an amazing friend do a bunch of testing for gold content.

His home built system was actually pretty cool
His mini drama system was absolutely highly effective.

And of course there is the amazing puppy dog of mine that I miss.

His Royal Highness was so well behaved that trip. Is little spot by the tree out of the way was really nice.

And man he sure loved those motorcycle trips.







And now I am on the eve of shipping out for a new adventure. And of course I have made friends.

Well why not why not reach out and see what kind of local people are up in that area and what they have to say.

First off I apparently am hunting for a legendary mine that was one of the beginning mines in that area.

It was actually called the El Dorado for its first name apparently due to the size of the deposit that was located. In constant operation for 25 years.

My only real regret in this is my best friend and super highly trained partner in crime isn't going.

Meanwhile this gorgeous new puppy dog has absolutely been a lifesaver.

I'm super excited watching him grow.

He has nearly grown 10 times as much as when I first have gotten him.


I absolutely love this little dog even though he's a crazy little turd bucket and tries to rule the roost with that cute fuzzy red paws...

I am super excited for us to have this adventure.

He is going to be super excited.

Today is the first day of big dog training for him.


He definitely isn't very happy with the new nose lead and is really fighting it however this is to be expected and we are just working on a climatizing him with it to enable further training.

Personally I'm really excited to see what's going on with this training and it's evolution.

I've got a super wild puppy dog today.








Yep introduction to being a big puppy dog is a large responsibility.

I am seriously excited. Oh yeah we have a lot of Hope for the future here.

If we are patient and just be cool things will always work out in your favor. So it's just a little bit more that we have to be patient and relax.

And everyday is a blessing so being peaceful and quiet is actually quite a gift. And it definitely is quite a bit easier on the health not to have tons of stress in my life.

There are other things that I can stress about. Like having puppy dog chew up his brand new super nice Long leash....

That really wasn't cool but in the scheme of things what is really a leash or a car steering wheel?

Really the gift of his presence in my life is totally worth him eating the car and a leash. Although that was some really good rope.


Ok then.