Litter Genie - cat litter disposal system

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Ever since we moved to a new home, we had to adjust with disposing our trash since the trash is only collected once a week here. So you know, trash stays here in our house for a week cos the way of it being collected is house per house... and not having big trash cans outside the house etc.

So it was about time to search for a way to dispose my cats' litter without having to worry about smells. Upon researching, I first found out about Diaper Genie (which is for babies' diaper disposal) and then I was lucky I found out they have one for cats!


I researched too where to buy them and the easiest way is to order on Amazon since it is only available in the US. I looked for alternatives as well but I haven't really found something that is trustworthy (something that has good reviews). The product is $14.94 and even though the shipping fee is $47.62 cos I live in the Philippines, I still went for it. It's an investment anyway and I have no choice! XD


It took about two weeks to arrive which was the fastest since it was also during Holidays when I ordered it. I also didn't have to pay any taxes when I received it which was cool!


Inside the pail were the manual, scoop, and the plastic refill (free).


This plastic is a continuous one which will be more convenient than normal trash bags. Also it's thick and has some anti bacterial shit in it.


Instruction says you have to pull it out and tie it in the end. Then place it inside.


It will look like this after setting it up. The black handle that you see there is like the "door" that will seal the plastic after you've put the litter there. So basically you put the shit on top (while it looks like that)...


Then when you pull the handle, the "door" opens and the shit just drops below. Then you seal it back again and just close the lid. Simple concept but very effective and convenient.


When it's time for the trash to be collected, you just open this and that's what you're gonna see. There's quite a space there.


You just pull the plastic and cut it using the built in cutter. Very convenient!

How's the smell?


The reviews were right! I don't smell anything. I know it's hard to believe but it really works! It's been a few days since I've used it and there's no leak whatsoever. Even when I just open the lid, I can't smell them underneath. My $60 is worth it. <3

Plus, I've been scooping more often cos it's really convenient, healthy for me and for my cats as well!


The shipping was quite expensive but as you tell, it's worth it

It is! Haha I just think of it like the product was $60 all in all instead of thinking the shipping fee was 3x the product price

I guess it would have been great for you to live in Europe, where everything is pretty much at the throw of a stick

Nice. I think I might have to get something like that one day. We got one of the expensive self cleaning robot cat boxes, but our older cats refuse to use it so we are stuck with the old cat box still.


I've read that you can buy it almost everywhere (Walmart, Target, etc) so pretty easy for you to buy it in the US.

Haha yeah that's actually pretty cool! But watching reviews about that on Youtube it makes me think how can an adult cat use that when literally small movements scare them, and to think that thing rotates lol.