Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #29

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Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #29

Welcome to @hivepets #29 Issue !

This is very exciting time for us, we are very grateful to all of you who have been posting, engaging, and subscribing in our community. We are very happy that this community is well accepted within Hive. We hope that we will constantly grow and provide the space to share your pet stories.

Today our curators find (nine) 9 posts of great pets, cats ,and dog which has been posted into our community.We hope to continue finding exceptional pets stories from all of you.

When curating posts, we focus on the creativity as well as quality of the content. We do not consider a single photograph of your pets eligible to receive our vote nor we accept any type of spam. The post have to be free of plagiarism and mainly written in English. So, please read the rules before posting into our community.

Today's Curation Selections

The first selected pet comes from @lisfabian

Las mascotas casi hablan. Ven a nuestra comunidad #hivepets|Pets almost talk. Come join our #hivepets community

The second selected pet comes from @flaca38

Presentación de mis periquitos cara sucia/Presentation of my dirty face parakeets.

The third selected pet comes from @sarkash7011

My cute Kitten🐈🐈🐈🐈#Hive Pets

The fourth selected pet comes from @popurri

Una guacharaca llamada Maria /A guacharaca named Maria

The fifth selected pet comes from @lauramica

Haircut time for Peggy. / Tiempo de cortarle el cabello a Peggy. ❤❤❤

The sixth selected pet comes from @pusen

The story of Leopold

The seventh selected pet comes from @maxili63

Humberto my lazy cat, rests quietly on some plant pots.Lol

The eighth selected pet comes from @romirspc

Introducing My Cute Baby Civet

The ninth selected pet comes from @kbv.animalwelf

Lassie's amazing recovery

We congratulate those selected from this Issue #29. Remember that you can also be chosen in the following week. So keep posting and engaging, if you're lucky, one of our curators will find you and your lovely pet. We appreciate the support of @OCD and its incubation project.

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Amazing picks and congrats that the community is doing so well

So many awesome pets!!

Thanks for your support ❤❤❤

Wow my cute civet ❤️ thankyou :)