Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #30

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Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #30

Welcome to @hivepets #30 Issue !

This is very exciting time for us, we are very grateful to all of you who have been posting, engaging, and subscribing in our community. We are very happy that this community is well accepted within Hive. We hope that we will constantly grow and provide the space to share your pet stories.

Today our curators find (ten) 10 posts of great pets, cats ,and dog which has been posted into our community.We hope to continue finding exceptional pets stories from all of you.

When curating posts, we focus on the creativity as well as quality of the content. We do not consider a single photograph of your pets eligible to receive our vote nor we accept any type of spam. The post have to be free of plagiarism and mainly written in English. So, please read the rules before posting into our community.

Today's Curation Selections

The first selected pet comes from @antikus369

Hive Pets. The master will deign to rest

The second selected pet comes from @brittandjosie

Joey at the vets ~ Happy Friday #engegatheweekend

The third selected pet comes from @gentleshaid

Meet my new friend that my family will not approve

The fourth selected pet comes from @angeli-b

[ENG-ESP] Surprises we find when having a cat as a pet 😻 Sorpresas que encontramos al tener un Gato como mascota

The fifth selected pet comes from @fabian98

2 beautiful Visitors that Mimi Sugar does not like [ENG/SPH]

The sixth selected pet comes from @cetb2008

Negrito un Amigo Incondicional/ Negrito an Unconditional Friend

The seventh selected pet comes from @priyanarc

Heavy snowfall makes my dog happy || Gigi's life

The eighth selected pet comes from @sumaiya777

Hive pets :🐕‍🐕🐕🐶🐕 Puppies neglected at the last moments.

The ninth selected pet comes from @mariangelecs

Eng-ESP If you can help, do it, indifference is also mistreatment/ Si puedes ayudar hazlo, la indiferencia también es maltrato @mariangelecs

The tenth selected pet comes from @lurisya

Ellos son Rocky y Apolo / They are Rocky and Apollo

We congratulate those selected from this Issue #30. Remember that you can also be chosen in the following week. So keep posting and engaging, if you're lucky, one of our curators will find you and your lovely pet. We appreciate the support of @OCD and its incubation project.

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It's really nice to see some activity happening in the "pets" topic again, here on Hive! Thanks for starting this project and community!


Greetings Hivepets friends, thank you very much for evaluating my publication

Thank you so much for publishing my blog and great supported #hivepets friend @hive-196708.

Thank you for evaluating my work and choosing a photo!
Reblog and upvote:))

Thanks for the Honourable mention. Unfortunately, I can't have that pet to myself all the time except once in while. He's is currently with me at the mosque by the way.

Thanks 😀 for support my content 😃😃😃👍🎉🤗

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