Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #50

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Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #50

Welcome to @hivepets #50 Issue !

This is a very exciting time for us, we are very grateful to all of you who have been posting, engaging, and subscribing to our community. We are very happy that this community is well accepted within Hive. We hope that we will constantly grow and provide the space to share your pet stories.

Today our curators find (ten) 10 posts of great pets, cats, dogs and others, which has been posted into our community. We hope to continue finding exceptional pets stories from all of you.

When curating posts, we focus on the creativity as well as the quality of the content. We do not consider a single photograph of your pets eligible to receive our vote nor we accept any type of spam. The post has to be free of plagiarism and mainly written in English. So, please read the rules before posting into our community.

Today's Curation Selections

The first selected pet comes from @gubbatv

My Karelian Bear Dog

The second selected pet comes from @melbourneswest

A person's best friend is a dog, so they say

The third selected pet comes from @maeugenia

[ESP/ENG] Hoy es día Internacional del Gato, Feliz día Nina/Today is International Cat Day, Happy Day Nina.

The fourth selected pet comes from @romirspc

Movic Weekend Activities (The Cute Baby Civet)

The fifth selected pet comes from @gorayii

True friendship transcends any barrier | A story of love and friendship

The sixth selected pet comes from @endersong

Les presento a mis perros Chiqui y Thor | I introduce you Chiqui and Thor [ESP-ENG]

The seventh selected pet comes from @fmbs25

A Vitamin D Rich Sunbath for My Girls [EN] // Un Baño de Sol Rico en Vitamina D para Mis Niñas [ES]

The eighth selected pet comes from @karinxxl

More doggo love in the snow!

The ninth selected pet comes from @slwzl

Mi buen amigo “Pinche” - Las mascotas también calman la marcha con los años / My good friend "Pinche" - Pets also slow down over the years

The tenth selected pet comes from @blanca56

Kata, with her kittens.//Kata, con sus gaticos.(Eng-Esp)

We congratulate those selected from this Issue #50. Remember that you can also be chosen in the following week. So keep posting and engaging, if you're lucky, one of our curators will find you and your lovely pet. We appreciate the support of @OCD and its incubation project.

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Muchas gracias... :) Se ven lindos.
Saludos cordiales.

Thank you so much for the mention! I appreciate all the support and all the new friends I've meet here on Hive in just the few days I've been here. You all are Amazing!!!