Little Personalities

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Hey animal lovers! Yes I am back talking about my aquarium friends again. I just love them. They've been with me a few weeks now just about, and their little personalities really show.

CuChulainn is like his teenage namesake, wanting to challenge an opponent to single combat, only for him it's generally Macha that he challenges. Macha can't be bothered.

Hey, Macha


Did I scare you, Macha?

Dude. I'm eating, here.

Sanglainn is still the one who likes to do parkour and hang upside down on leaves and things:



Yes, he has really pulled down and flipped the cookie cutter over more than once, lol. Adventure snail!

Also, you can't really tell snail's sexes, and I had named them after the two horses, the Gray of Macha (a mare) and the Black of Sanglainn (a stallion). Either I guessed right or they're gay snails, because I caught them having snail sex on the Eiffel Tower (how romantic! Ha ha). We'll see if more eggs show up (Macha has always had a few eggs stuck to the outside of her shell but I don't know if Macha laid them or if some other snail in the aquarium at the store laid them on top of her shell). They won't hatch, because nerite snails need brackish (salty) water for their eggs to hatch even though they generally live in freshwater. But people often find their eggs laid all over freshwater aquariums.

Also, contrary to most betta advice, CuChulainn loves playing in the bubbles from the air stone, and swims close to be in the flow of water any time I'm doing a water change and adding more water to the aquarium. Usually bettas don't like a lot of flow because of how big their fins are, it makes a lot of drag so it's harder to swim if the current is too much. But at least some of the time, CuChulainn seems to think it's a lot of fun. 😄 One day, he was swimming down to be right on top of where the bubbles come out, and then allowing himself to be pushed up into the roots of the pothos plant that are right there. Then he would free himself and do it again!

So there's my little update on my new friends. I'm so happy to have them here. 😃


They sound a lot of fun 😍

They are! :D

Awwww, an incredible fighting fish. Really very fascinating to look at and I have thoughts that it would combat more. Hehe. This is so amazing my friend. I hope you are having a wonderful day and take care.

I had a couple of betta fish many, many years ago but never in a full aquarium with other animals. Some people keep other fish in with them as well, but it really depends on the personality of the betta if they are more of a fighter or not. Advice said that snails were a good choice because they could hide in their shells if the betta tried to fight and be safe. Since he wants to pick a fight with Macha the snail, I think I couldn't add more fish with him. 😄


ah ha.. Macha was like.. no thanks! :P


😁😉👍 exactly what i was thinking of!