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My cats currently have four different water options spread throughout the apartment. This one gravity waterer is The Best One, though.

Yeah Yuan is a messy eater with kibble, he always ends up pushing some out the back end as he eats

This photo was taken right after Maggie had finished taking a long drink, and Yuan was waiting his turn to do so. I had committed a Crime and let it run to empty by mistake. You'd think it was their only source of water, but no. I promise we have others.

I don't know if it's the location of it (right in the middle of a high traffic, shared territory area), or the fact that it has a lower lip so they can crouch down like that to drink, or that it's the oldest one and so familiar, or perhaps something else, but it's definitely the one that gets used the most.

We also have the fancy water fountain:


For a while, this was Maggie's main watering hole, and Yuan never touched it. Now since I put the Favorite gravity waterer out in the hallway though, even she doesn't use the fountain very much.

We have another gravity waterer in Yuan territory:


But this one isn't shared, because Maggie pretty much never goes up on the bench, so where's the fun in that?

Then we also have a regular bowl in the bathroom, where mostly Maggie but also sometimes Yuan like to hang out:


I do see her drinking out of that one (and see evidence of it after the fact; Yuan is the messy eater but Maggie is the messy drinker, and I'll find food bits in the water), but funnily enough she'll often drink a little out of the bowl, then go out into the hallway and drink a little out of the Favorite. Gotta spread your drinking around and mark your territory, I guess?

So yeah, this is one of those How Cats Are things that we silly humans kinda scratch our heads at, lol. Like when you buy a fancy cat tree and they want the box instead.

Do your kitties have a Favorite something even though there are other options?

bee good.jpg


My old cat would not drink out of a bowl by her food, even if it was the only one. She liked the drips from the shower after we'd used it. So we set her water bowl up in the bathroom and she used it there. I'd read somewhere that cats weren't accustomed to having water where their food is.

But now both are downstairs in the bathroom because she has a hard time with so many stairs, at age 20.

I sure hope my Sammi Jo makes it 20+.! She just turned 11.

Amazing, just amazing, great job kitty momma.

Wow, 20! That's great! :D

I use to spoil my cat by letting her drink water out of my glass. She loved it because my water was cold water from the refrigerator whereas the water in her bowl was room temperature tap water.

Deidre (since passed) was a my-drink-drinker, too. But I drink room temp - I keep my water filter on the counter. It was just because we shared. ;)

Cats. Water. Oh my. Do not get me started.
Bobi the Bad and the Faucet, no, the FAUCETS, including the shower stall, bath tub, sinks -
no, no, not even gonna talk about it. No. THE DEMANDS of this tiny little furry overlord.
Cats consider running water to be cleaner and safer to drink. Got it. But Bobi you are LUDICROUS....
and yes we have bought fountains and waterers.

Hahahahaha, I wholly understand. We silly hoomans must cater to the whims of our feline overlords. 😄

The gravity waterer is still the most popular watering hole in the house... the new cat fountain we'll have to wait and see about.

Shadow's favorite toy remains the free one... an oversized paperclip that has been bent and unbent into 100 different shapes by now. Sometimes it vanishes for a couple of weeks, and then it suddenly shows up again. He's more attached to that than anything else we have that's related to cats.



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Deidre's (since passed) favorite toy for many years was the bolt cover from the toilet bowl. She would knock it off the top of the bolt holding the toilet to the floor and bat it around. When we moved out of that apartment, I went to Home Depot or Lowes or someplace just to buy her some bolt covers for fun. 😄

My cats have a distinct preference for the rainwater that I use to water my succulents. It doesn't matter what the container is. I also watched my wildest cat drinking the rainwater off leaves in plant outside

Deidre (now passed) liked the tap so much I got a hamster bottle to see if she'd like licking off that. Nope. LOL

We have a gravity fountain. And a few perpetual kittens that would rather play in them and empty them on the floor... LoL

So that gravity water fountain stays out on the deck. And is more of a play thing, than a fountain.

And they love playing in this oversized waterfall also...

Lil' Guy Floating Lips 2019-10-26.jpg

Lil' Guy Floating Lips (2) 2019-10-26.jpg

That fountain is awesome!! It must sound so nice. I would probably want to play in it, too. 😄

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