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RE: Hive Pets Community: the new community for our beloved pets + 1st 40 Hive contest!!

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OMG! I just stumbled upon this & this made my day! Animals are amazing & my cat, Timmy is thrilled....can't you tell? ;) 💚

Timmy stands.jpg


OMG look at Timmy, He's so funny!
And you know that I love you so, But I would love to see a regular Timmypost....😃

Ha ha right? I was fortunate & had turned around to catch him in this pose in time enough to get a picture. I think he saw something outside that DEFINITELY caught his attention lol....or he thinks he's a meerkat! One can never tell ;)

Yes, I have had him in many of my videos in the past...maybe I will repost a few as a throwback & there will be definitely some new ones coming as well! 💜

Oh, & btw, I love you, too! :)

Or he's a nosey

I look forward to the Timmytoons...Coming SOON...🤣

Timmy looks like those little animals that sit up I don't know what they are called in English but he looks so good and a meme would be great hahahah
Have a great weekend dear @pixiepost

Ha ha ha! Yes, he stood up like one of those meerkats! :) I couldn't believe it when I first saw him do it. This is something new he has been doing so who knows what is next? LOLOL.

That meme is a FANTASTIC idea!! :) I will have to work on that he he ;) 💚 I hope your weekend is amazing as well! Great to see you here @brittandjosie!

Great, we are very excited to have Tommy here too :)

Thank you so much! There will be a post or video this week so stay tuned! :) 😻