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One of the dog breeds that I admire most, is the breed of Siberian Husky. Before adopting a Labrador puppy (my dog Gigi), my first choice was Husky, Siberian Husky with blue eyes and thick white-black fur. But after reading about the character of a Siberian Husky, I understood Husky was not for me, atleast not for now. Plus, after comparing the characteristics between Husky and Labrador, I have chosen Labrador as a friend of mine.

Meet Shadow

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A few days ago I went to a lunch party at my friend's place and for the first time, I have met Shadow there, a 2 months old cute little husky Puppy with blue eyes. One of my friends recently adopted him and always keeps Shadow with himself wherever he goes all the time.

Shadow is a mixture of Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. His mother is a Siberian Husky and His father is an Alaskan Malamute so Shadow is probably crossbred. My friend became new Mom and Dad all at once and we did a lot of fun by poking him so much. This is the first time he is raising a dog and his first dog is Husky. Shadow is from another city and he came all the way to Kharkiv 5 days ago.



Shadow is only 2 months old puppy boy and I fall in love with him when I first saw him. His fluffy grey and white furs and his bright blue eyes caught my eyes. When I saw in his eyes, I felt like he is holding the entire frost paradise in his eyes. It looked so calm and cold/cool but filled with wildness. He was just a puppy but his eyes were expressing the characteristics of huskies. He looked like a baby wolf but beautiful.

Obviously, I know Husky is a very playful active dog and as I am not an owner so I don't know much about their character. But Shadow is a friendly dog and soon he became part of the lunch party. Everybody started giving him so much love and time. He played with us a lot. Shadow was so soft that I couldn't resist me to hold him, I gave hug him several times.


I guess his adorable attitude will force everyone to fall in love with him. He needs training obviously and I hope my friend will be able to train his dog. Shadow still needs vaccinations and his passport/card still not ready yet. My friend has a lot of work I guess in the upcoming months after all He is both mother and father of a Husky.


Soon Shadow became tired after exploring and playing with us and fall asleep. When he lied down I took some pictures of him as a memory. He is a beautiful puppy and with proper training, he will be a loyal good dog I know.

Oh, I forgot to write, Shadow already started Barking and howling, for now, it's cute but for later, I don't think it will sound cute. (7).gif

I will write more updates about Shadow in the upcoming months but for now, this is it...Hopefully, I will meet Shadow again...




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Labs are nice and yours is gorgeous but huskies are my all time favourite dog. They are amazing. Unfortunately they need a lot of work to keep and aren't suitable for most people, myself included. Hoping to get a dig after my next move but it wont be as nice as this one.

Husky is really amazing but yes one of the most active dog breeds and best for outdoor activities. Gigi also requires exercise to also an active dog but not like Husky... I told my friend to educate himself first so that he can train his dog easily...

So beautiful and sweet! greetings.

Beautifull dog Siberiano

Yes he is...

Thank you :)