Our pet Painted Desert Sheep

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Painted Desert Sheep

I always liked the way painted desert sheep looked. We found a breeder and bought two of them to assist with the weeds. They are great at mowing the weeds down to nothing. The two sheep we have live with our two goats that we got to also take care of the weeds, but the sheep are 2X better at taking care of the weeds then the goats.

The Painted Desert Sheep originated on Texas game ranches by crossing Mouflon with Rambouillet, Merino, and Texas Blackbelly. The colored varieties of Merino and "Rambo" sheep produced hybrid, spotted individuals first called "Parti-Dalls." The unique term "Painted Desert" was soon coined by hunters wishing to add this colorful sheep to their trophy rooms. Some Jacob or Navajo-Churro influence was used to produce polycerate (multi-horned) Painted Desert Sheep. The male can grow horns that are quite large. These sheep are also know as hair sheep and do not require sheering. The hair on these sheep fall out naturally when the weather gets hot, making them very easy to care for.

This is our two little ones at about 6 weeks old. The black and white one is a male named Guinness and the white and brown one is a female named Una.


Here there are a little more grown up. The brown, black, and white one nearest the fence is Dozer one of their goat friends.

guinness and una.jpg

This one is Guinness as he is almost full grown. He has been fixed so his horns will not grow as big as they possibly could.


Here they are fully grown.

older guinness and una.jpg

I really enjoy these Painted Desert Sheep. They are easy to care for and do an amazing job keeping the weeds down.

I thought I would throw a few pictures of the goats that live with Guinness and Una into the post. The little black and white one is Ollie. The brown, black, and white one is Dozer which was in an earlier picture.


Thanks for checking out our small herd and hope you have a great day.