Shila goes to her grandmother

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Hello friends!

Today is Monday! Do you live on a monday with the syndrome? Personally, I always have Monday syndrome. I never like mondays actually a new beginning. But it's hard to wake up after a good weekend as a working person. My husband and I really love sleep. I think my husband is more sleepy than me. Someone has to like less sleep to hear the alarm. That person in our family is me.

I said I had a great weekend. You have already seen this in my posts. A weekend full of great food. Unfortunately I broke my diet.

Our daughter Shila loves my family home. My parents' house is quite big. Shila runs there a lot. Also, since that house is on the ground floor, she looks out the window. When we go to visit my family, we definitely take Shila. We can't leave her alone at home during the weekend. We put her in her cage while traveling. Shila interestingly loves her cage. even at home, she gets in and plays. When we went to my moms again she got into her cage and I took lots of photos of her.


On Saturday evening, Shila started making strange movements. She was meowing differently. She started to crawl around the house. And her butt was standing up. Then we realized that her angry period began. I've read somewhere that cats go into their first heat when they're 6 months old. Now she's six months old. We want Shila to have puppies. but she's too small now. For the first mating, the vet said we should wait until the age of 1. This is healthier for her.




My husband wants to give one of the pups to a child with leukemia. I hope the child's health will improve until that time comes.


Shila puppies will be really cute. I'm looking forward to that time. I will be a grandmother!


My favourite pet!👍😄

Shila will be very happy about it! 😻

That's cool to know😃

Yay! 🤗
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