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My heart is full! How could it not be, with this adorable new little guy in our lives 🤗

We named the sweet pup, Danny, which it turns out means (in Hebrew) God is my judge

My guess is Danny is around 2-3 weeks old & he’s getting his vaccines/flea collar as we speak.

We picked up the cutey at an animal market, earlier today, with the intention of taking him back to the farm. One day, he’ll grow up to be our guard dog. But, for now, we spoil and play with the baby boy.

At the animal market, we also acquired two ducks to bring to the farm, in hopes they can help us with snail problem we have there 🐌


It is exciting to have a new cacino member in the family is beautiful.

Thank you, he is wonderful & brings joy to all 🤗 (What does ‘cacino’ mean?)

What a beautiful story, I love the puppy, he is so beautiful, I am sure he will have a very full and happy life.
Just as he will give you a lot of happiness too.
Best wishes

He’s a dear. He was up early crying and had peed all over & I had to clean up & rock him to sleep. If feels like having a baby… at 50 years old!

A 3 week old puppy??? Is he eating solid food yet? He should be with his mom a few more weeks 😲 I'm glad he ended up with you and will get proper care :) You did a kindness by adopting him 🙌


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Yes, he’s still a baby & we’re doing our best to care for him, in the absence of his mans. He’s a joy to be around and you might enjoy yesterday’s post with updates more pictures of the sweet little guy 🙏🏼

I'll have a look, for sure :) Are you familiar with Dreemport???

Thanks & no, I’m sorry I don’t know what Dreemport is.

Basically it helps you to get more readers for your posts here, and helps you to find other interesting authors at the same time 🙌

The Discord server is also wonderful :)

Thank you, friend. Already spread too thin on social media, promoting my books & a touch overwhelmed.

What I’d really like now (if you know of somebody) is a tech-savvy collaborator to work with me on turning my writing into NFTs 🤓

Sending good cheer from Medellin, Colombia where I am attending Cosmoverse with the missus, a big-time crypto-enthusiast!

Hi, I would suggest that you ask in the Pizza server, they have made NFT books :) ...

Also you might want to sort the issue with Hivewatchers, as it appears you are on a downvote trail.

@wrestlingdesires hope my reply has gone through (looks like it’s disappeared).

Everyone loves puppies! So glad you have a new one in your life. Thanks for the great pics! 🐶

He’s such a sweet boy! Glad you enjoyed pictures (I have sooo many more)!


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