After a long time I ate with complacency

in Praise Indialast month
Authored by @no

Since it is outside, the times here are very different from other times and there are many different people together, due to which the desires and tastes of one person are the same, but when the desires of all people are the same, it is a matter of obtaining a lot.

Since there are a lot of us where I live, all of them are from different countries, but different religions, but everyone's religion gave us a religious festival yesterday, but when we were out, we could not observe it properly Completely different but we missed the family members so much and missed them so much.I think those who live outside understand the pain of celebrating outside without family.
Since it is now the time of the festival, it is wise to celebrate the festival well without making any excuses. Finally we all thought together what can be done. Then everyone took food out of their collection and of course cooked them and spent the day of the festival well and everyone had a good time .