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I have already registered and I hope I did it right. I read something about it and if I understood correctly, I think you have to be active in that social network for the objectives to be met, it is not just registering. I tried to vote on the questions and to ask one, but I think that is no longer possible. Anyway, when you have time, explain to me what's next. 😉


@mballesteros Hi! Thanks for participating! I made two posts yesterday... this one here and the one before it here. In the one with the link there, i explained a little bit about what the site is and what we are aiming to achieve.

StackExchange is a site where there are question and answer forums for community engagement. It's outside of Hive and apparently very popular in other crypto circles. It would be a great place to have people interact about Hive and it could potentially get many non Hivers over here on our blockchain.

We met our goal in getting enough questions asked and upvoted along with enough people to follow the proposal to get approved for the next stage of the process. At this stage we need people to click the commit button after verifying their account. At some point we will need 200 people to commit and engage in question and answer discussions on the thread to show that the Hive community will actually use their site for this kind of open forum Q & A discussions.

If we meet our objective in this next stage then i believe we will get our own subdomain name. In the URL instead of we will have a HIVE subdomain on their site like...

You can see Ethereum's subdomain and how active their community is here...

So, it's really about getting set up over there for more outside exposure to HIVE. It could also be a great one-stop repository of Questions with Answers that anyone could be sent to for information. Imagine helping new people onboard and rather than answering all the same questions over and over or having to find an old post about it... you could just send them over there to the question with a full discussion on the answers archived.

I hope this explanation makes sense and was helpful! If you have any more questions... i may not have all the answers, but i will do my best to find them! Thanks for your time and for your support! It's much appreciated.

Thanks for your explanation, it couldn't be better! I will try to get to know more over there, I will also invite other people who like to support the platform. It would be great if Hive had its niche there too. 👍

I need to know more about it over there myself! Thank you for caring and sharing and for calling in the big guns! It's much appreciated!