Knowing The Weight Gain Of My Birds For The Week.

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So, yesterday made my birds 1 week since there arrived and there took their first vaccine yesterday, so I decided to take their weight to know how there are doing in respect of their weight gain.

Unfortunately, I didn’t consider taking the weight from the first batch of birds I kept and so I don’t have any baseline for judgment to know if this set of birds are doing better or not.

So, for now this will be my baseline weight gain that I will be using subsequently to know if I’m doing well or not.

So for today most of the birds weighed around 179g, 194g, 138g 202g etc.

But on an average, after sampling 24 birds the average weight was 177.1g. Which I feel isn’t bad at all.

So taking last weeks weight when the birds arrive which I had an average of 51g from sampling 25 birds, when I subtracted these weight from the current average weight which is

177.1g – 51g = 126.1g which tells me that the birds on an average gained 126.1g of weight within the week.

For now, I don’t really know if this is the best record so far, because there was no prior data for me to make the conclusion.

For me this will be my baseline for making such conclusion, anything bellow this I know there is something wrong.







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