StickerArt from Lisbon #5: Stickers of the Capital (~15 Stickers)

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15 at all!

Heyho guys, art lovers and streetart and stickerart fans, readers and all of you who have stopped by, hope you all are well and happy.

This StickerArts I found are again from the beautiful capital of Portugal: Lisbon.

All in one corner. Side by side. So I havve to present them together. Like a happy StickerArt family. 😂💃



No. 1 Sticker: Um Pub Bonito

Calçada Ribeiro Santos 31, 1200-789 Lisboa

Its a sticker from a Club. You can check it out here:
Nice design and Logo 💃


No. 2 Sticker: @ Is_official_1

This is the only info and hints on the sticker.
I didn't found the artist or other informations about it but still amazing face. Like that style.


No. 3 Sticker: Be the light

I swear this is my fav. Simple and easy. Clear message 😊💃 lovely design. Would even look cool as a tattoo.
Maybe its from an tattoo artist couldn't find much more about it.



No. 4 Sticker: Piu Piu ABAFA

Funny as hell. What this artist consumed would be interesting to know 🤣😉😁
Piu Piu means something like Tweety I think. In english there was this old comic Tweety and Silvester. Portuguese say Piu Piu e Silvestre. But what it should mean I don't know. It seems to be a sticker collage. Piu Piu with biiig sneakers. Lol Abafa means something like muffle or grouchy.


No. 5 Sticker: politics sticker


No. 6 Sticker: Do it!

@ erwin.edel
A tattoo artist sticker.
By checking out his Instagram profile which you find here:
I saw he is from #germany
On his profile is written #Berlin #hamburg
Again a #deutsch sticker in Lisboa. Super sweeeeeet.

No. 7 Sticker: Bel Air Festival

Lovely lettering style. I like the design.
And this time we found a #French #sticker.


No. 8 Sticker: pense nos outros!

This is Portuguese and means 'think of the others!' simple nice message.


No. 9 Sticker: who the fuck...

... Fucks with plant and hemp.Com
60 min. Delivery in Lisboa CBD
the alternative way I would say... 😉☺️


No. 10 Sticker: Key Bump

Self made local sticker


No. 11 Sticker: sex shop self service

A hidden half sticker behind another sticker

No. 12 Sticker: Malbuninjas

I think it should be written this? Or does someone else read something else?
But no other informations I found.


No. 13 Sticker: @ bea_tattooart

A sweet green (Tinker) Bell. Next sticker of a tattoo artist. What you see on the sticker is the logo.
A Portuguese artist. Nice


No. 14 Sticker: ok cool made you look

Funny StickerArt 😎😁🤣


No. 15 Sticker: BNE

simple and eady lettering StickerArt
Don't know the meaning.

I marked the area at pinmapple, so when you are in lisbon and wanna see a lot of streetart, check out this area:

Avenida 24 de Julho ~50 - 55, 1200-868 Lisboa

What you think? Which you like most?
Feel free to leave a comment.

Your @akida aka TrinityArt

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I've been noticing alot of more Cannabis stickers lately around London too

Hahaha. Can be right? In bigger Cities more people smoke... ;)
here the use of cannabis is "decriminalized" (I think thats the right word for it) and in London (UK)? Or is it forbidden there?

Yep it is illegal here in the UK though i do think Portugal are doing it right and we should follow their example.