Scholar and Scribe x PageDAO Claimdrop!


Scholars, Scribes, Congratulations!

We have been approved for the PageDAO grant that we have been working on over the last few weeks! What this means for us as Scholar and Scribe holders and community members is that we now have a way to publish NFT books on Polygon and EVMOS. We have also formalized a mutually beneficial partnership with PageDAO to build together going forward! You can find details of the proposal posted on snapshot here and the Hive post regarding it here if you missed it!

Essentially, our community has received a grant of 50,000 PAGE tokens and 11 PageDAO member NFT's. The 50,000 PAGE have already been sent to a multi-sig GNOSIS safe and each Hive account that held staked SCRIBE at 9:00 PM EST on 5/27/2022 will be able to claim 100 PAGE tokens by filling out THIS FORM. In addition to this claimdrop for PAGE tokens, we will be issuing 10 of the member NFT's to the top 10 SCRIBE stakers that claim the drop, the 11th NFT will remain held by the community.

We will begin distributing the PAGE tokens and NFT's as claims are submitted. SCRIBE holders will have a week in which to submit their claims!

This airdrop serves multiple purposes for our community and stakers.

  • First the 100 PAGE tokens will grant PageDAO membership to users that choose to hold onto them. This enables voting on PageDAO initiatives and access to potential future airdrops of Member NFT's. I recommend joining the PageDAO Discord. There are some other exciting things happening over there as well!

  • Secondly the membership NFT's grant the holder access to the PageDAO minting tool found here. Those that claim the NFT airdrop will have direct access, and stakers that did not have enough SCRIBE staked to qualify will be able to mint through the NFT that is held by the community account and receive the minted NFT's. Additional posts about using the PageDAO minter will be coming in the future. You can find the collection of already minted books on Opensea here.

  • Any remaining PAGE tokens after the claimdrop will be held in the multi-sig GNOSIS safe and used as the community chooses, whether as contest prizes, additional airdrops/claimdrops, or other uses.

I expect that we will find other partnerships and interesting opportunities for our writers and authors through this connection with PageDAO. Already there are a bundle of other writing projects that are now on the radar that would not have been otherwise! We will of course remain HIVE focused and continue to build up the community and curation efforts to reward the work of authors on chain. We have already begun to see a few PageDAO members setting up HIVE accounts such as @goalguy and @epicdylanblog. I am certain we will continue to see traffic in both directions as our partnership develops over the coming weeks!



steampunk with cane dibs.png

Come join us in the Hive Pizza Discord if you haven't already! Scholar and Scribe is integrated into the community with regular events, games, and giveaways! If you have questions about the PageDAO partnership, claimdrop, or grant, the best way to get your questions answered is to hop in and ask! ;)


Super excited to see what we’ll be able to achieve for Hive, for writers, and for web3 pubbing in general. So many good brains are working on these projects. So many cool opportunities! Lookin at you @beaver0 ;)

Wow! This is interesting and awesome. Scholarandscribe going places!🔥. I have read through article and I will be read it again full understand everything well. More strength to all the team members work on this behind close doors. 💪

We'll be posting some more info and guides on how to use the NFT minter etc and with more info about the PageDAO events etc so stay tuned! Thanks for the strength, it helps!

Alright then! I can't wait. 🤗

Minting nft books - cool! I hope I filled out the form correctly.

Nice work there!

Oh wow, this is great news! Even though I don't understand half of what's written here but I see "publish NFT books" and I'm excited! 😄 I'll read up more on PageDAO.

Sadly I won't get the member NFT but will certainly claim my page tokens! Woots! Great job, Admin. 👊

Um, I know I'm living in the past, how do I get a polygon address? 😄

If you have an eth address through metamask you already have one! Polygon is an eth side chain and you can use the same address, just add Polygon network to metamask. If you don't already have a wallet set up on metamask then you just need to set one up, write down the seed phrase, and you are good to go!

We will be posting more info about all of this soon so stay tuned!

ready to learn and earn and write

Lets do this! Grab your PAGE and keep on writing! I believe @gracepro is entitled to the claimdrop as well! !PIZZA !ALIVE

@hive-199275, sorry! You need more $ALIVE to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 1000.0 ALIVE staked.

More $ALIVE is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

I am little late to comment here, but I am here to see the progress of our community. It will be amazing to see our literary work and serials go Web 3.0 and become NFTs and live on the blockchain forever.

Awesome work Scholar and Scribe Team.

I am excited to see what gets published as NFT books as well!

I hope more readership to see through that.

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I have reblogged this post. Awesome work guys.

Thanks! We will be continuing to work together and collaborate going forward. There are some really cool features of the NFTbook Minter we now have access to and we've already started to see some cross traffic between the two communities.

Dear @hive-199275, we need your help!

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May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work this year?
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Your support would be really helpful and you could make the difference! Thank you!

Thanks for the information on Scholars and Scribes. I am going to check it out.

Yay! 🤗
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hey! thanks and keep up the amazing work, ecency is a fantastic platform and the boost and promote features are great for communities!

A community member pointed out to me that the boost vote values have decreased from 1.00 to 0.60 the last couple of days and I can see that is the case on this post as well. I figured I would ask directly if the boost program is being adjusted? Either way our community will continue to make use of them but I'd like to be able to tell folks what to expect! We will be using the boost and promote features to help build up and reward community posts!

This is exciting stuff! Can't wait to see where this goes.


This is exciting. If we're already members of the PageDAO, does it make sense for us to let others take advantage of this offer? Or should we go ahead for another 100 $PAGE?

You could claim if you already had some SCRIBE staked before I took the snapshot for sure! The grant we received should be more than enough for all SCRIBE stakers to claim so there is no reason not to if you qualified!