The Smuggler

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Vesper Edris was pretty sure that if she wasn't the best smuggler in the universe, she was a close second, and this latest job only reinforced that opinion.

Tyson Outpost was considered by many to be the most well-fortified prison in this or any known system. Built into the exposed mantle of a long ago shattered world, reaching it required passing through a gauntlet of orbiting debris, geomagnetic storms, and extreme radiation.

But that was only half the job. Those few lucky and skilled enough to even spot the prison had to deal with the lingering pockets of corrosive gasses, clouds of tiny chunks of obsidian so fine they couldn't be seen on scanners, and the goddamn ghosts.

Everything else she could handle... She'd spent months meticulously planning around all of the other difficulties, but nothing could have prepared her for the ghosts.

Everyone knew someone who knew someone who claimed to have seen phantoms in the void... But most scoffed at those tales, chalking them up to stress, inebriation, or both.

Well that was all going to change she thought, grinning as she glanced again at the chaotic maelstorm that danced inside the archaic-looking glass and iron jar anchored securely to the passenger seat of her ship.

She'd never diverted from a job to show off the goods before... But this? Ol' One-Thumb would die on the spot at one look at this.

She smiled again, and set a course.

Today's prompt reply is also a bit of Flash fiction for my ongoing Starforged playthrough.

I can't say for sure if we will see this character again in the main story, but I'm fairly certain this location WILL show up in the main storyline... Which will no doubt be a lot of fun to dive deeper into!

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I love the idea of Ghosts in space, interesting idea. I always liked the idea of living creatures flying around in space, and have experimented with that idea in some of my writing.


Space Ghosts are just too fun to not include in a space-centric setting :P


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