A distant shore (Dreem-WOTW)

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Sarah stared into the night, fixated on distant lore.

The tumultuous roar of the ocean rang in her ears; waves barreling, breaking; the cry of a lone seagull tore through her. She closed her eyes - the sun glinted, sparkled across the surface of the water - a billion bubbles huddled and foamed on the shoreline; reflecting the cosmos that lit up the sky.

Nature's symphony; their own private orchestra as they frolicked amongst the dunes. She remembered it all... warm bronze bodies, wet and glistening in the moonlight; cold white sand offering gentle respite from the heat of the day. Love's passion burned brightly at seventeen.

She shifted her distant gaze to the beautiful spiral conch, bleached white on bygone shores; a token of his love. Her eyes transfixed momentarily on her translucent skin, mottled with age, scattered with wrinkled lines; a lifetime ensconced in the warmth of her hands. After all these years, the distant memories still swept her away.

She dug deeper.

They fell to the ground, their bodies writhing with laughter. Seizing the moment, on bended knee, he professed his love more earnestly. For many years, they danced around each other in joy. A white lace bodice, black bow tie, and matching gold rings. Three children and a dog or five later.

It had been the very best thing to be alive with him.

Italy in the summers, Germany in the Fall - the Rhineland was surprisingly romantic at that time of year. By New Year, always cosied up around the fire in a little cabin in the Alps, and then Spring would bring the daisies and the tree pollen... and they would suffer in beautiful silence together.

The distant past. It had a way of tugging at the heartstrings.

She had come to sit with him every Sunday for the past five years. Those five years had felt longer than the entire sixty-eight they had shared together. The church bells chimed - indicating the passing of the hours. But now... time no longer had a hold on her.

Are you ready, yet?

His voice was gentle. Strong. Just as she remembered it. She felt his hand slip into hers, and the quiet tug. He had always led so tenderly; she had always followed so willingly. The distance between them was forever closed. Eternity beckoned on distant shores. She turned to look into his face once more, his boyish grin turned up at the edges, just as she remembered it. Her seventeen-year-old self beamed back, reflected in the twinkling of his eyes.

She stood and yanked him to his feet.

I am.

This is my free write piece for the dreem-wotw contest writing to the prompt: distant.

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Oh dear, the poor heart and how it carefully collects every data, every touch, every gaze, every smell, laughter, colors and flow of the season, carefully webbing them into memories that’ll continue to light our paths in the distant times to come.

Love comes and demands total surrender. The tide of memories come and demands total surrender too, as Sarah willingly gave, as she sat and recalled, breaching the distance between her heart and a life once lived, the best life lived, for ‘it had been the best thing to be alive with him.’

Reading this felt refreshing, the distant memories of what was a love affair, conjured up in the melody of your words and letting us share such beautiful moment with Sarah as she still holds on to the hopelessness of her old teenage romance.

I equally read where you gave @litguru a little back story of how you created this piece in such short time; hahaha. Who could have thought? You did so great. However, let it be known that I’m highly interested in the piece you shelved.

Stay amazing. ❤️

The story was written from the perspective of an old woman who spent her entire life with one man, presumably her husband. He died 5 years before the present time and for those 5 years she has visited his grave... and now finally today she joins him in the afterlife... and she thinks over her life before he brings her back to the reality that it is time to move on...

And the other piece... may or may not ever see the light of day... I think... the idea of it may..but in a slightly different way - when it does, I will be sure to let you know 💗 Thank you Sugar xx

Oh wow, that’s sad 😢 Didn’t realize she was dying. 😭

... Okay then; I trust you. 🤗❤️

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You know how you said the last 2 weeks will drag by? now? hehehe
I feel like that's how the last 5 years must have been for her... just waiting.

I'm not sure I could live in the waiting like that missing the love of my life... I might have to go do some daredevil skydiving and forget my parachute or something hahahahahahahaha

but the best part of this - was her yanking him to his feet! LOLOLOL I could totally see that - she's like. READY??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOREVERRRRRRRRRR. hahahaha

and i loved that they were restored back to their prime. hmmmm this was a beauty Miss Sam!!! Don't get me started fantasizing about heaven again - pleeeeeeease. I just finally got settled down after this restlessness - i need to be content here for a bit longer LOLOL

!LOLZ I thought it might make you smile 💗Don't go pressing the fast forward button... unless it's just 2 weeks into the future... !LUV (I don't think I have ever been on your autovote ROFL... and I did also notice that you are not following Dreemport anymore and I didn't see a Dreemport vote on this submission either... so I wondered if you had changed some policies). I did notice the 444 earlier hehe... so thank you for the tip... you have no idea how often 44 or 444 has come up this week!

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A bittersweet tale of love, distance, and the nostalgic feelings of time passing. It has a melancholic feel to it but with a nice happy ending.

Thanks, Lit... I was pretty stumped on our own prompt !LOLZ ... I was about 1/3 of the way through a different story for dreem-wotw but every inch of it felt so forced... and after days of having at it, I have shelved it for another time! I started this one with a couple of hours to go before the deadline and so there has been little to no editing done hahaha. I might have (read...definitely did ROFLLLLLL) dozed off a few times too during the write... damn!!! I am feeling tired now... but at least I pulled something together. This is one of the shortest fiction pieces I have written... but... I feel better for having written, that not ❣️ !LUV !ALIVE

I know the feeling of writing under the gun, sort of speak. I don't like feeling that kind of pressure, but I noticed that I do some of my best work when I just put my head down and let it all come out in a deadline-driven burst. It can be exhilarating! I'm happy you rose to the challenge even after the last minute switch.

Thanks! Yeah, sometimes it just works... when we don't give ourselves enough time to overthink the creative response... and let that lead instead. !PIZZA

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I’ve been told crocodiles can grow up to 15 feet
but I’ve never seen one with more than four.

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Beautiful piece. The nostalgic feeling of youthful love... So sweet

thank you Talon. I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed it !LUV

It's a wonderful distant love story, its make my heart kinda leap at the words.
Beautifully written
Came through dreemport

Thanks Treasure ❣️ I enjoyed writing it, so it makes me happy that you a appreciated it. !LUV

😊😊🥰 thanks too, and you are welcome.

Words that flow through are distant but closer than ever. This is beautiful.

Thank you, Balikis 🙏 I am happy that this free write touched you xx !LUV


That intro in everything for me. It put me in the mood for the story already.

A sweet-sour tale with a gentle reminder of all the events that flowed through the lines of time. What a soft love.

Well done.

Aw thank you, Kei 🤗It was a bit of a scramble last night... but I enjoyed the write !LUV

I felt the nostalgic feelings of how you described those moment with Sarah and her love.
I popped in through Dreemport 🤗

aah thank you, Princess... she was finally reunited with her life partner in death... after all the reminiscing, death had come and her love was there to meet her !LUV

Oh, Sam! This was such an elegant description of the word. It contained so much on so many levels in such a neat package of a short story. I could read it over and over and find something more like peeling an onion, which also brings tears to the eyes. 💛

aw, Jules... thank you... I honestly don't know where it came from... but sometimes those are the ones that flow easiest from us... 💗 !LUV

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Keep it deep even when you sleep.

Best wishes from Garden Route SA.

I shall do just that, Julian 💗 Thank you for dropping in. Hope you are well in that gorgeous part of the world !PIZZA


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Wonderful ♥️ I have a feeling those two are heading for an eternity of adventure :) ...


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