Providential - A true story you wouldn´t believe - Chapter 43

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Do you know that feeling, that you have to do something.....but can´t quite remember what?
This story is just that.
I remember being told to write it but I can´t remember what I was supposed to tell you. What I do know is that everything I am going to tell you really happened, even though it may unbelievable sometimes.

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Chapter 43

Just a few months ago she put a girl out into the street, for the same thing she was plotting now with this Estonian guy. Of course, it´s different when she does it because she is never to blame for anything. It was me being to blame for her wanting to sleep with him.

It is sickening just thinking about it, my stomach just turned writing those words. Not the fact that she wanted to sleep with him, but that she never ever took the blame for anything.

On the other hand, it was a blessing. It took her off my back, she got her needs fulfilled and I was not bothered by it at all. I had already checked out that night when I saw her true face.

Now if they only slept together or if there was more monkey business going on in that basement room that night before her flight, I don´t know. Knowing her, more happened. Knowing myself, no fucks are given.

We brought her to Malaga airport the next day and returned home. That ride back home was great, three dudes on a little road trip. The guy must have felt a bit awkward, probably more awkward than I felt when her ex was dropping her off at my place, back when we just got together.

All awkwardness aside we got on extremely well together and those weeks were probably the best weeks in a long time. At no point, we discussed the Stephie situation and the house had not felt this tranquil ever before.

It was only now that I started to understand her Ex. Remember how I said I did not get a guy dropping of such a sweet sexy lady with the competition, well I do now. Now I know why he would bring her over, why would he waste his energy on his girl meeting up with another guy?

Just like me, he must have been sick and tired. Just like me, he did not want to leave her. Or she made him feel that he could not leave her, and now all of a sudden he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. A light in the shape of me, his bright lid angel.

Here I was having fun, beers and tapas with Romet. Truly liking the guy, should I warn him? Should I tell him about what cycle his predecessors had to go through?

I truly think that her ex and I have both experienced that same cycle with her. Cycles happen when you don´t learn from your mistakes, you will keep repeating them till you do. Clearly, Stephie had a lot to learn as she was going into her third cycle.

I did not mention anything, maybe, just maybe three times would be her charm.

Time flies when you are having fun, but every good thing has to end sometime.

It might have lasted longer if her flight had crashed with no survivors, then again that would have been horrible for all the families that would take the same flight, so guess I had to deal with her coming back in another way.

Her return was quite a miracle indeed. It was during a weekday so Romet would go pick her up by himself while Kyrian and I had to go to school and work. Guess those two would be happy to have some hours together before facing me.

She came back reborn, a miracle had happened because the wheelchair she had used in the past did not come back with her. She used it frequently on days she was too tired but needed to go places. Now she left it with her dad in the Netherlands, she had no more need for it, she said.


The exorcism had cured her or at least removed all the darkness that was using her body as a host. I still find it very hard to believe, but I was not there when it happened. I did not witness the exorcism and I was not there when she was protecting her sister's kids from the dark cloud.

What I did witness was that I had not seen her this energetic in years. Next to replenished energy she brought something else with her. Her whole upper arm was covered with a very colorful decal, or so it seemed. When I looked closer it was an actual tattoo. Way too big and colorful for my taste, but she was proud as a peacock.

The situation in the house felt pretty good, she would be sleeping with Romet every now and then. She did not tell me when and I did not care if this would allow her to explore a new life that was just great. Although I did not expect her new life to start this quickly,

I could have known, I knew how impulsive she could be. And she just kept repeating the pattern. The previous time the exact same thing happened, she took a holiday to Italy, and within weeks of her return she moved into my attack.

This time she returned from The Netherlands, that was at the end of March and by the first of May she moved into a new house with her new boyfriend, telling me the best for all parties would be to get a divorce.

That was probably the best news I had in years, and like I said when it´s mostly needed miracles do happen. My grandmother, the one I liked so much. The one that was like a mom to me when my mom couldn´t be, had died a year ago.

Within her will, it said that my inheritance needed to be paid within a year and that because of that it arrived in the same month Stephie decided to move out. The question we all have is did she plan this? Had she really waited till she knew the money was in, before deciding to get out?

As I like to see the good in people I would say it was a lucky coincidence, but as you might have learned by now.....there is no such thing as coincidence our lives are providential.

Anyway, my grandma, the wife of my guide Opa just bailed me out of my marriage. The money was used to pay the 10K debt we had built up over these 10 years. It paid for getting Kyrian and her some new furniture, and we split what was left. Which eventually paid for the lawyer that would finally end my travels on this road of misery.

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She was cured! Hallelujah! Pretty funny that you all got along so well must have been awkward indeed for this guy to be amical with you as well. I now realized they didn't last either :) lol


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Yes and he and I always remained okay/ btw quick question that I do not remember who informed you about me being in jail_ Was that Suzanna_

Hey, that was such a weird situation. My other half received a phone call by the police and that's how we found out as the animals were there 2 days already. (Idiots for not calling the same day!)

Alright well I wonder how they got his number but I really didn't remember how that went and well it´s coming soon so I lost the plot for a bit !LOLZ

I think you gave it to the police because of the animals if I remember correctly. I think we heard that later and wondered why on earth (if you gave it yourself) they'd wait 2 days, I mean for all we knew the dogs and cat would have died.. I also remember exactly which day it was lol, Sinterklaasavond :) as the Sint came to deliver a bunch of gifts that evening, still have the letter :) was a nice surprise after such an exhausting day getting all our stuff over to your place..

I think I did, but so much happened those first days I really did not recall if I did, yes those dogs were a gift that kept giving and giving and giving

Yeah she dumped them on you nicely ;)
Gosh that was an adventure from our side as well, you can't make that shit up lol. These things belong in our life story I mean, we always have these crazy events happening that others only hear about or see in movies lol.

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