Painting with Grandma

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It’s been awhile since my last Painting with Grandma post. We had planned to do more of these this Summer but with sickness frequently hitting up our households it didn’t happen.

The kids were so excited to spend some art time with their grandparents last week. I think my mom was more excited than any of us because she really values this time with them. She’s always been a teacher at heart and sharing her love for painting is huge for her.

She and my SIL went out to a dollar store and grabbed multiple colors of acrylic paints and paintbrushes. She also grabbed some drawing paper because the assignment was for them to draw what came to mind and then to paint it.


I snapped some photos throughout their creative process and will show some of the drawings in stages as they developed.

I’ll start with my niece who’s artwork is on the cover page. I have really been impressed with their interest in anime type drawings. Her and her sister watch a lot of shows that teach different techniques and they have picked up on them well. They each have a sketchbook filled with all kinds of drawings.



About the painting: These two are sisters. They were both born with special abilities; one with fire and the other with water.

I absolutely love the fire hair. As she was drawing it I already knew it would stem around fire. I must say for an almost 11 year old my niece has quite an opportunity to grow in her skill and only get better.

Next, we’ll take a look at her younger sister’s (age 8) artwork. She is also drawn to anime and loves practicing her technique.



About the painting: This is just a random anime character with pretty sparkling hair :D

I love the eye wink for sure. My niece prefers drawing over painting but was encouraged to give her artwork some color. Some of the legibleness got lost in the painting but you can still see the finished character and most of her details.

Moving along to my middle son (age 9) he desires to learn how to draw anime as well. For now he just likes drawing what comes to mind and trying his best to portray that.



About the painting: This is a painting of a ninja trapped in the jungle. He is faced with red creatures as he tries to find his way out. The ninja flares he’s holding in his hands should help protect him.

I like seeing my kid’s interests come out in their artwork. He is soooo into ninjas right now. I thought his jungle scene was creative.

My four year old daughter was much more interested this time in designing her own necklace. My mom taught her how to put the beads through the needle and onto the thread. We weren’t worried about her poking herself because she is so precise and always careful. She amazes me how she handles things for her age…



Lastly I’ll share images of my father’s drawings. He did a few quick sketches for the kids to color.

Growing up we never had to buy coloring books because he drew us any character we wanted to color in. Nowadays he’s not too fond of his artwork (mainly because he doesn’t practice it enough any more now that we’re all grown up) but I still love it and enjoy seeing him do it. I’m glad he enjoys drawing for his grandkids every now and then.

Spider-Man was first. It all started because my 6 year old son wasn’t happy with his own Spider-Man painting…



I love that he had his Spider-Man toy out for inspiration. ☺️

He quickly asked my dad to draw one for him and he proceeded with pleasure…


My son only wanted to paint a little red on his pants because he was afraid to cover up the drawing. He is so happy about having this artwork from his PaPa.

After that my dad began drawing random animals and creatures for anyone to color. I’ll end with this dragon he drew. It was colored by @legomaster


So that was a glimpse of our crafts and art day with the grandparents. My mom wants me to look up some different things we can do for next time. I’ll be browsing on Pinterest to see what I can find.

A new school year is underway so we won’t get to do these days as often. When we are able to get together we will count this as their art time.

Thanks so much for tuning in and checking out our fun day with the grands. 😉

sponge painting technique done by my 10 year old niece


Ohh I remember those cute green hands from your previous post!

I think my mom was more excited than any of us because she really values this time with them. She’s always been a teacher at heart and sharing her love for painting is huge for her.

Your mom sounds a lot like my mother in law 😁😍

I've read all your post, all the family is very talented! The sister with fire hair I first thought she's a mermaid but then I've read it below that she's a fire girl! Imagiantion and creativity are great skills for today's kids!

I can't say I have a favorite painting/drawing in here, really! They all look nice and well done! The tree is also beautiful!
I hope you'll find some inspo from Pinterest for next art time! There's plenty of ideas, as you already know it.

And btw, if I gave my son that needle for would have been a huge mistake! I wouldnt say he doesn't have good motor skills, its just he doenst have patience for these kind of things like threading and really small all kind of things! So good for your little one! She will be an independent young lady in no time!

😄 Yes! You remember how she kept painting farther up her arm? It was so hilarious.

Imagiantion and creativity are great skills for today's kids!

I agree! I really want to find more fun and challenging things for them to do. I’m glad they like to be challenged, it helps expand their learning.

Thank you! I know what you mean. If she didn’t show patience I would definitely be nervous to let her handle a needle. I think she will be the second seamstress in our family (taking after my mom). She will go even farther than me with her craft works. 😃

Thanks so much for reading and leaving this awesome response ~ 😘💓

Can I say something? At first I thought this was you hehe!

Sounds lovely that your little girl is really hooked with something. It's like my 3.5 yrs old is crazy about Math and Numberblocks. And he's getting better and better on it, like normally, in his own rythm, wihout me doing something about it. And this is great when it happens. It's important to find their limits, their hobbiest, their interests.

No need for thank you! Always enjoying your posts, even though I dont always comment! 💟

Hahaha I can see why you thought that with the hair and all. 😄

Yes I so agree! It’s beautiful when they connect with things and find their own interests and likes. It seems they do best when the learning is natural and already exciting to them.

Aww you’re so sweet and that really means a lot to me coming from you. 🥰☺️🤗

I don't actually remember when our "HIVE" paths crossed but I truly admire you and I always think of you @crosheille being a good human being and a wonderful person and mama!

hugs from Romania 😍

Aww thank you. I honestly feel the same about you as well. So glad we crossed paths here ~ 😍🥰😘🤗


Your grandpa, grandma, your niece and you are so talented with these amazing skills, I am beginning to think that this is hereditary🤣🤣 I am not surprised to see the kids express themselves too because they have all the support from you all and they are doing well already by this stage. Imagine where they will find themselves with this skill if they continue this way🤗🤗💪

I sight Legomaster painting work and that of your 4-year-old daughter bidding work as well, they are so great! Send my warm greetings to them 👏👏👏

Aww thanks! I didn't realize it back then but the love of arts and crafts does run through our family. 😊

We plan to help them hone these skills and hopefully one day they will be able to use them even in their professional stages…who knows. 😄

Thanks so much for visiting ~

I am so amazed on how kids are doing their art works. Kids are undeniably have broader sense of imagination and creativity.

I love the fire and water paintings. The contrast in each other is well-balanced. I think this kind of activities should be done by children most often because it calms their mind and heart too.

I would love to see your daughter's finished necklace. My sister used to make one as well. With a lot of colorful beads.

Yes when you hand them supplies it's amazing what they come up with. I really loved the fire and water art too.

I agree. It’s one of the reasons we like making a full day out of it. It gets them away from the devices and exercising their creativity :)

Ah unfortunately I didn’t get a finished pic of her necklace. She laid it down without finishing it and decided to do some painting after all :D

Thanks so much for the visit ~

These drawings are really beautiful. I love how the kids are able to express themselves through drawing. I also love the fact that they are all being supported by you and their grandparents. With this kind of support, I bet they will do a lot better.

Well done to your kids and your niece and of course grandpa too. I will love to see the finished product of the necklace

Thank you! I can see them improving on their skills as time moves forward. They really enjoy this art time.

I knew I should have encouraged her to finish it. She decided to abandon it to paint after so long and my mom didn’t leave us with the beads to finish it. If we get around to getting it done I’ll definitely share it with you ~ ☺️😉

Your family is full of talents, I pray that everyone should continue grows with more wisdom.

Your daughter really impress me with the way she handle the pin, she need to make a fine lace for my neck

Thank you for this thoughtful comment!

Hahaha! She will definitely be into needlework. My first daughter started learning crochet but abandoned me the learning process 😄. She liked sewing better but she’s still a tomboy and would rather play outside and beat up her younger brothers 😂 (all fun and games).

But this one, she is my girly girl and is interested in the things I do. I will gladly teach her anything she wants to learn.

I appreciate the visit ~

That is funny tomboy.😂 You have to leave her to choose what she wants, definitely she might like to play football 😂

More wisdoms to her.

Yikes!! Football 😳...I hope not. 🫣

Wow, I see good future of these kids with arts.
Glad that you support them with their skills.
That's a good practice for them while they're young. When time comes, they will surely make things great in art especially in painting as they are developing their skill while they're young.

Thanks so much :)

I think it's important to support the artistic side in them while young. You just never know what they are meant to do or become when they're older.

I appreciate your comment ~

This portrays the real work of art and is good for making grandparents have some fun with their grandchildren. You did well boss because whenever children are clustered around their grandparents, there's always a lot they learn.

I agree! I love seeing them take in all the knowledge they can from their grandparents. It's really beautiful they have a nice relationship and enjoy each other's company.

Thanks for the comment ~

You're always on point boss, I'll always keep learning from you.

I read the title of the post “Panting With Granda” the first time.

I had a hard time understanding what the girls painted but I know a ninja when I see one. I also recognized the dragon on first sight. Maybe it’s a boys thing:) Your dad has a very good imagination for your dad lol. You would expect that kind of imagination in painting in us youngsters.

Yea if you're not into anime it may be hard to understand what they made.

My dad is still a big fun kid at heart. He's loved art since he was a little boy and he loves making us smile through his drawings. It's really cool seeing him do that with our kids now.

Thanks for stopping by ~

I must say your family is full of creativity as everyone is really good at painting and the passion in doing so is really nice and lovely.

Love the necklace. I see great potential in those paintings, I love them, to be honest.

Thanks so much for your comment. I see a lot of potential too. 😊

You're welcome (^_^)

You will be shocked how expressive this kids are when giving an opportunity. Nice piece of works there.

Exactly! I love seeing what they see and watching it come to life on paper :)

Thanks so much for reading ~

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