Home Education Curation Collection. 17th October 2021

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This week we've got an eclectic mix of features for you to enjoy. Hands up who takes an eclectic approach to homeschooling? I know I certainly did, because excitement and newness was what my eldest thrived on, while my youngest preferred a bit more familiarity.

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It's hard to escape screen time in the modern world and while we know it can be a bad thing to be in front of screens a lot, is it necessarily a good thing to completely ban them completely from our children's lives? @romeskie discusses the potential benefits of screen time in balance as part of their education. Has your stance on screen time changed over time?

This week we got to meet @jonalyn2020, who shares her experiences homeschooling as a working mother in the Philippines with the ongoing lockdowns.

I love this colour matching treasure hunt activity from @missdeli, made from scratch by her toddler son. A craft activity that can be used over and over for further learning activities.

If you're looking for a science activity, @taliakerch brings us two chemical reactions science experiments. While one is an exciting, immediate reaction, the other is a great discovery activity.

When you're the educator of your children, it isn't unusual to wonder if you're leaving gaps in their education. @arrliinn recently tried out MobyMax, an online US based education and assessment site, to help her assess if there were any gaps in her own children's education.

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