Home Education Curation Collection. 4th December 2022

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This week was a little quieter than usual in the community. Is everyone busy getting ready for Christmas? 🎅 This week's highlight is also a little shorter in order to reflect the activity levels, but I hope you see something you like just the same.

First our usual thank you everyone who makes this community what it is. This week 5% beneficiaries for interaction and contribution to the HomeEdders community go to:




I love this maths ants game from @taliakerch. Can you guess how it works? I was a little puzzled from the thumbnail picture at first.

We have some more interactive maths games from @yessi08, this time focusing on division.

We seem to be on a roll with maths this week, because @emmaris's Christmas snowman multiplication puzzle was another that caught my eye. This can be made simple or more complex.

The majority of children when first learning to write will mix up the directions of their b d p and q. I recall being told by my daughter's teacher that that this is nothing to worry about, but it still does worry some parents. So if this is you as a parent, then @nanyuris's activity ideas to help them differentiate the letters may help.

Thank you for joining us. This curation was brought to you by @minismallholding and this week I have added @qwerrie as 10% beneficiary for the ongoing delegation support. Thank you!
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Lovely collection, as usual!

I dont know where everyone is and how they feel about Christmas hehe. For some reason, I'm not into holidays mood. We did 0 activities on the theme...I guess this year our Christmas activitiy list will be short. 😁

Greetings community, happy and blessed Sunday, congratulations to the selected ones of the week, excellent and creative publications to work on and reinforce the area of ​​mathematics with the children at home.

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Gracias por el apoyo brindado!


Excellent compilation this week 😊

@tipu curate 6