Home Education Curation Collection. 4th October 2020

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This week our features discuss some of the highschool academic considerations we all inevitably come to, as our homeschoolers get older. Then we also look at other educational activities, in the form of camping and multiple languages.



When you're living in a foreign land, it's guaranteed to be useful to be fluent in more than one language. @arrliinn is trying to raise her children multi lingual and discusses some of the problems she encounters. How do you encourage learning of languages without making it too much like a chore?


@romeskie's nieces homeschooling time with her is coming to a close. She takes look back at how they've progressed.


@sumatranate's family had some outdoor education, recently, as they took their first camping trip.


As a tutor, @fiberfrau shares her favourite high school math texts to work with.


One of the questions which often arises with homeschooling is whether you can gain certificates which the academic and employment world desires. @maulida discusses more in depth how the academic based homeschooling approach in Indonesia can give you certificates and offer a pathway to university.


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