World Teacher's Day

in Home Edders7 months ago

This Friday, 28 October, Australia recognises and celebrates World Teachers’ Day 2022. This event of recognition for the work done by our teachers is celebrated across Australia. It’s a chance to recognise and thank over 21,000 teachers who work in our public schools.

Across other parts of the world it was celebrated on the 5th of October. The theme for World Teachers' Day 2022 is...

“The transformation of education begins with teachers”.


Homeschooling parent/teachers should as such also celebrate this phenomenal achievement because I believe that within the homeschooling community...

"The transformation of education begins with parents”.

It's a privilege to be able to teach your children at home in some countries and near impossible in other countries. Remember the privilege (lawful Right really) of how much freedom we have here, at the moment, and that we should embrace homeschooling to its full extent.

Perhaps this Friday, homeschooling parents could set aside some time to remember and celebrate the fact that we are blessed to have children, and privileged to be able to teach them at home. Unlike some cultures where not all children are treated equal and education is not a priority for them.


Even if you don't homeschool your children yet, don't give up if your children attend mainstream education because you are still their primary teacher and as such you deserve to be recognised as a parent because...

"The transformation of education begins with parents”.