Suriname HomeSchool Journal #46 🏫 Veggie Burgers, LEGOs, and Friends

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In this post I’m going to tell you about burgers that my dad made, my LEGOs house and my sister talked with her friends.


HomeSchool Journal 📓 #47
Date 📅Tuesday, September 22th, 2020
Location 🗺️ Paramaribo, Suriname
Srey-Yuu's HomeSchool Journal and its template are supervised by Dad 👳‍♂️ (@justinparke).


💚💛❤️ ITAL HEALTH 💚💛❤️

please tell me something you did today for your Ital livity or health and include a picture of it


     Today my dad made burgers for lunch. The burgers is very delicious. It is good for you. If you are vegan you will like or maybe you are not vegan maybe you like it too.

     It is good for your health because its made from vegetables and other ingredients but I don’t know. If it make from meat it’s also good for someone and not good for someone too.


please use some new words or grammar you've learned, and write a sentence in English, Khmer, Dutch and Spanish
please make new vocabulary or grammar bold


I put soda instead of soy sauce.




Mijn zus eet een aardbei.


Yo no necesito una cerveza.


take one really special picture today and tell Hive about it

     This is my LEGOs house. I made it all by myself and my sister help too. I made this LEGOs two or three days ago. Me and my sister played superheroes.🦸🏻‍♀️ My sister be a Super Girl and I’m Wonder Woman. We also played with our friends. One of my friend is Beast Boy and other one is Bat Girl.


take a picture of Sakana and help her write what she wants to tell Hive today

     I love blue and you love blue. You know that some flower is blue. Yes, they do have some blue flower and I love flower.

     The blue flower and even a purple flower and pink flower and that’s why I call it rainbow flower. That’s it bye-bye


write one paragraph about your thoughts and feelings today

     I feeling good today. My sister feel a bit sad because she doesn’t have a balloon. Maybe, I will make dinner today or tomorrow. My dad is a very good dad and my mom is a very good mom.


Monkey B


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Rainbow flowers! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

And lego houses and vegan burgers - do you girls live in some kind of paradise? I think so!

Yes rainbow flower. We don’t live in the paradise.

Haha, what’s rainbow flower Monkey B?

She is too busy to answer you mom

I think it is kind of you to have a "corner" of your blog for your sister! 😊
I like your Lego house, and that burger looks so tasty! 😋

Yes my sister helped me a little bit.

Yey! Lovely Lego house you made there! Great job girls. And I think the vegan burger looks delicious.
Monkey-B, I'm sure the rainbow flower looks beautiful. Yesss to rainbow flowers! 🌈😍

Monkey here now I’m going to write and my sister say it. Umm, sure I do talking about rainbow. I only know that I talking about rainbow and flowers.

Very nice Lego you made and the burger can you ask your Dad to make me one also i love burgers 😁

Yeah, maybe I can ask for you but I can’t give it to you. You can make it too. Just go to my dad blog. You need is find the my dad post about how to make burgers.

Thank you @kidsisters so cute and nice of you i was only kidding but i will go to your dad's post to see how he made it so i can make one for myself 😊

I'm a bit concerned about what you put soda instead of soy sauce on XD

The burger looks delicious :)

Yep, but it is just a example not for real.😁

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Thank you so much

I'm happy that today I could cross post your great post.
I see you are playing Lego too.
You are really a nice "cool" kice.
Keep posting.


Thank you so much for enjoy my post and comment